May 25, 2012

Snapshots from my week!!

The caterpillars are growing sooooo fast!  Every year it SHOCKS me how fast these little things grow!!  We have 12 of them in our bug carrier - think we will have to move them to something bigger soon!!

 My horoscope for today was so perfect.  Love it:

Late this afternoon the girls were cuddled up on the sofa in the kitchen together.  Susie had a nap and Abigail was reading after our adventures in the woods and at the dog park:

Last night we ended up having supper at Rickys, because the lines at What The Truck were crazy and everyone was too hungry to wait - and Sam and Abby got to pick a prize from the treasure chest afterwards:

Wednesdays visit to the library:

One of the crazy lines at 'What The Truck':

Our new library is so wonderful - love it sooo much:

I think my Ex got a new licence plate lmao:

Books books books - I had a nice time looking through the arts and crafts books at the library on Wednesday:

Laurence drove to Whyte Ave last night which meant I could snap pictures for Instagram.  I now have 424 followers:

My library pick for this week.  And it is REALLY good:

Abby and I were playing with one of my photography apps on my phone this morning:

Tonight Susannah and I went to Starbucks for a while.  They had a singer there for live music night and it was nice sitting in there listening.  The couple at the table next to ours were on their first date.  They had never met before and it was interesting listening to their conversation.  They got on well to begin with but I don't think it was a success in the end.  She started disagreeing with him quite a bit and then he said he was tired and needed to get home and they left together.  Hhhmmm I wonder if they met on POF lol!!

Just a photo I snapped as Laurence flew by in the truck lol:

Millcreek pool and the Edmonton skyline:

Blue skies and sunshine after a few days of rain:

Edmonton downtown from Whyte Ave:

A book from the library that made me laugh:

Susannah in Starbucks tonight:

Whyte Ave yesterday:

Yesterday morning playing Mastermind with Sam - Rosie was determined to get in on the action:

Edmonton skyline from Sherwood Park Freeway:

Samuel fast asleep beside me yesterday morning.  Love his long eyelashes:

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