Apr. 18, 2012

My current art journaling classes...

My new evening art journaling class started last night.  For the first class we worked on
backgrounds and layering techniques, introducing everyone to gesso, various paint techniques, glimmer mists and pastel art sticks.  I think it went well.  This is the page that I created as I went through step by step to show them....I was rushing as I wanted them to see what to do and then spend the session taking the time to create their own pages.  I still had fun doing mine though.

This morning I had my usual childrens art journaling class - this semester our topic is 'bring on the colour' - today we created a collage of houses using various coloured/ patterned cardstock and finished off with paint/ pens.  Each one was really different!  Then we spent some time trying out various art products - alcohol inks, sprays and mists, embossing powders!!
Sam was sick today and didn't take part, and a few others were missing from the class too :( 
This is the page I created to show them the idea:

As we had some spare time at the end of the session, we used the junk modelling materials to build a 3d version of our town collage.  Then we built a tower tall enough to reach the ceiling:

Then I had them create sculptures of a man, an elephant, names and 
a really REALLY long snake:

Rosie has spent much of the day today sleeping and enjoying having us at home - our first 'at home' day all week!!!

My afternoon was spent finishing my book (Before I go to Sleep) which was FANTASTIC.  I also did a ton of laundry - about 4 loads I think....Sam played Minecraft and watched movies as he is ill.  Abigail read and did sewing and asked me question after question after question!!!  OMG!!!!  My brain is going to explode!  Sam started showing me his Minecraft house.  He also started asking me math questions.  

Susannah was late home as they had bus evacuation.  She went to do her homework and Abigail found her asleep when we called her for dinner!  

Laurence is working tonight so I will drive in and get him tonight.  

And that is my Wednesday!

Oh and yesterday?  As well as my class in the evening....Laurence started his new job.  I had to get some supplies from Michaels for my class - then we went to Timmys and met a friend of Abigails and her Mom.....then we went to Homeschool Group at the library - it was science day - chatted a lot with Sharla.....also chatted afterwards with the girl who ran the science day - about getting the group more structured and organized and make it more welcoming.  Getting it more active again!  It REALLY needs it!!  It needs SOMETHING!!!  So we are going to get together or have a planning session and figure something out!  

Abigail said that she for SURE wants to keep going now that this new lady is getting involved because it was soooooo much better and she LOVED yesterdays class (and loved playing with Sharlas Daughters too).  

So anyway...that was our Tuesday too.....

I'm exhausted and it's only Wednesday!!  :)  But I love being exhausted when it is because of good things and GOOD stress and good busy :)  


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