Apr. 10, 2012

Tuesday highlights....

Today we met Val and Christanne at KQ for the afternoon - it's always so nice to see my two playing with Isaiah :)  Val kindly brought coupons so we didn't have to pay to get in :)  
Perfect :)  

On the way in to town, Adam played the YMCA song on Now Radio, so we turned it up full blast and Abby taught Sam the actions and we were all singing along to it :)  It was so much fun :)  

I got several errands crossed off my list today too.

Here is Susie posting a letter for me in town:

The rest are all snapshots taken on the way home this evening.  We needed ink for some forms I had to print out.  stamps, and a few other things to do....then home to prep the classroom for tomorrows class.  

Rest of the evening has been spent relaxing....I am so tired.  11pm seems to be my bedtime these nights now.  Fine by me :)  

It's so windy out tonight!  And Rosie is snoring loudly!!!  I almost need ear plugs and I haven't had to wear those since Lloyd left - it's been lovely to sleep ear-plug free each night :)  but geez tonight Rosie is making up for it hahahaha!!

Goodnight Tuesday!!!
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