Jul. 2, 2012

Snapshots form the last couple of days...

Reading in the sunshine:

Breakfast on the deck this morning:

Bird of prey in the parade yesterday:

Incy Wincey Spider on the porch today:

Sam looking excitedly down the road yesterday to see who was coming next in the parade:

Advertising the Terry Fox Run in the parade:

Scenes from yesterdays parade:

Art journaling fun :)

Abby's diary of a wimpy kid....

Yesterday, Susannah was reading through Abigails Wimpy Kid book that has pages to fill in.  She would stop now and then to show me a page or read something to me.  It was HILARIOUS!!  

This first picture shows me (sucking my thumb I think)  Laurence with HUGE hair, and Susannah (singing as usual lol).

This one shows what Abigail mainly thinks about.  Playgrounds, me (Mom), food, sleep and her Dad....in that order lol!  

There were pages and pages of hilarious things that Abby had thought of, but I thought I'd share these two.

Fireworks for Canada Day

Last night we headed back in to town around 9pm and enjoyed strolling around the festival as the sun went down - we sat and watched the live band - Hey Romeo - who won the Best Band award at this years CCMA.  They were really good - so good in fact that Susannah bought their cd and we listened to it on the way home.

We ran in to Samantha and her hubby/ Josh and chatted for a while.  Lorraine messaged me to say where they were sitting, but the ground around the lake was filling up so fast we decided to just find a spot quickly.  Luckily we found a GREAT spot for the fireworks.  Ki was also there but couldn't find us in the crowd.  

The fireworks were fantastic.  Hey Romeo sang 'Oh Canada' and then they started!!  
Sherwood Parks festival and fireworks are always sooooo GREAT that it makes me remember all that I love about living here!  

Walking back to the car was funny afterwards - glad it was just Susannah and I!!  It was PACKED and there were soooo many drunk and high teens - but it was hilarious!  You could smell pot everywhere too lol!  Susannah and me were giggling like crazy at the things people were saying!  :)  

After the fireworks, and after we had sat in the car listening to a group of teens chatting in the parking lot, we headed to Tim Hortons for a drink :)  It was midnight by the time we got there, but there is something special about sitting in a coffee shop in the early hours of the morning :)  

We finally got home around 1am or 1:30 am....

Prompts from my Muse...

1. What I am surprised by... I am surprised by my nerves about a certain something - and how unsettled I feel about it.  For someone normally so confident, this is unusual for me and I'm not too sure what it means.  

2. What I became conscious of... a need for change.  Time to find myself again....not creatively but emotionally and physically.  That I should really only depend on myself.  That Susannah is very like me in many ways - and very Aquarian - she can only handle people around her for a short while and then she feels suffocated and feels the need to have space!  I can so relate!

3. I suddenly have a burning desire for... 
at-home days, calm.  peace.  Slowing down.  Time to be still.
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