Jun. 6, 2012

For today...

Outside My Window... The wind is blowing through the leaves on the trees, the frogs are croaking, it is dark and damp and cloudy.  It rained earlier, but isn't raining at present.

I am thinking...about some questions posed in my new book 'Choosing Me before We'...a really interesting book about making yourself emotionally healthy before starting a new relationship - to enable you to have healthy relationships.  It's a really good book.

I am thankful for...The ability to look deeply at myself and gain insight into mistakes I have made...and the willingness to heal myself and work on things so that I don't repeat the same mistakes in future relationships.  I think this is sooooo important - but not everyone accepts their mistakes and their part in relationship breakdowns.  

From the kitchen...I am a little obsessed with raw vegetables and also with yogurt and granola :)  I have created my own granola that has flax seeds and chia seeds in it - along with bran, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, almond slivers etc etc...It is soooo GOOD mixed with yogurt!!  So very healthy too and thankfully the kids LOVE it - all that amazing Omega 3 and other health benefits they are getting :)  

I am wearing...a t-shirt and underwear.  I'm in bed and it is hot!  

I am creating...I have been working on my art journal daily.  I finished the 29 Faces in May challenge and am not taking part in the June one because it is male faces - and I can't do those well!  Tomorrow I am going to work on a self portrait and get Sam and Abby to do theirs too - for $5.  The Paint Spot will hang your portrait for a while :)  I want to take ours in and hang them :)  

I am going...to have to decide who I am inviting to the party/ bbq on Saturday - I need to work out which date would be best suited to an evening with my friends...Abigail told me to invite Meerkat but as lovely as he is, I'm not sure he is the right choice....

I am reading...'Choosing Me Before We' by Christine Arylo.  I also want to get 'Soulistry' by June Maffin and 'This I Know' by Susannah Conway.  I also have '50 Shades of Grey' to read on my laptop.

I am hoping...that no one else gets sick, dies or is in any way traumatically effected - it seems like everyone around me is losing loved ones or is seriously sick :(  I feel very blessed and grateful that I am not affected directly - but it still hurts to see so many close to me hurting :(  Sending love to those who need it xxx  I am also hoping that tomorrow brings good news for Susannah!!

I am hearing... the breeze, the frogs....my Truthteller whispering to me.

Around the house...I have a to-do list to get through over the next few weeks.  I have crossed a few things off, but not enough!  We finally got organized and started barbecuing last night - so good to eat outside - we are making use of the porch and deck soooo much this year - it is lovely to hang out there and chat, eat, shelter from rain, watch the birds, watch the children, watch Rosie :)  Read....write, create...it is just lovely being outside :)  

One of my favorite things...watching Sam explain things to me - he gets so excited and carried away and you can see from his eyes that he is seeing what he is explaining to me in his mind.  He takes his creations and designs and plans so seriously - and is so determined!  Like building his own tree fort - and he managed to get three pieces of wood up in the tree before it collapsed!  So now he is figuring out what he needs to make it work!  I wish he had a guy around to help him with things like that.  It is THIS age where he needs his Dad around to help him :(  I am hoping that whoever I meet will be ideal for Sam.  

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...tomorrow we will work on self portraits.  Tomorrow is 'early out' so when Susannah gets home we are heading in to town for her to take her driving test again and for Laurence to book his test too.  I have to head downtown for a few things, and then I guess it depends on the outcome of things at the Registry - let's hope it means going for a drive somewhere :)  I am out for dinner tomorrow night with a friend :)   Thursday we are meeting up with a group of friends - activity will depend on the weather!  A few events to pick from this coming weekend - but I am looking forward to a bbq/ party on Saturday night - kid free :)  

Have a great week everyone!!

From Brave Girls Club :)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my youngest two go to their Dads for a few hours - which leaves me with a few precious hours to spend with my middle teens.  I have loved having these times with them over the last couple of years - time to really get to know each other, spend time together, chat, eat, visit places suitable for older people rather than young children.  Bond.  
Tonight we headed to Whyte Ave again as Laurence had not been to Fuss Cupcakes and he as keen to try them!  I wanted to grab a book that was only available in two stores in Edmonton - one being on Whyte!  We were going to go for Poutine but instead decided to head to Irie foods for some caribbean food!  
Susannah was brave and ordered curried goat and rice!  Laurence had Rasta Pasta (which isn't pasta at all, but a chick pea dish - and I had curried chicken and roti :)  
The food was really slow to get to us, but that was ok as we weren't in a hurry and enjoyed the chance to sit by the window and watch people go by - and chat.  
After dinner we walked along Whyte and then went in to Fuss Cupcakes for coffee!  They were soon closing, and the guy in there gave us several left over cupcakes!!  :)  Too many for us to eat there and then - so he told us to take them home with us!  Yay!  Abby and Sam were THRILLED :)
When we got home and Abby and Sam arrived back, we went up onto the roof to sit and watch the skies clear - tonight was the Venus Transit - Venus passed between earth and the sun - but sadly it was too cloudy for us to see anything!  We ended up watching it online and discussing it - and will save our glasses for 2016 and the next astronomical event involving the sun :)  
All in all a good day - I am really finding it difficult to pick just ONE picture each day to go in my Project 365.  Today I picked the view we had looking out from our table at dinner.

At Irie Foods for supper:

Looking out and people watching during supper tonight:

Rasta straws lol!!:

Irie foods menu:

Coffee at Fuss Cupcakes:

Free cupcakes!!  Yum:

I LOVE Old Strathcona!!  And this restaurant sells the best bannock EVER:

It poured down with rain on the way back to the car, but was warm and it was fun:

Heading home:

Spotted this licence plate on the way out tonight - perfect for Sam!!  Laurence thought it was fab:

Watching the Transit of Venus online -

Sitting on the roof hoping the skies would clear:

Hoping to see a glimpse of the sun between the clouds:

Yogi tea with it's lovely messages:

Reading this afternoon:

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