Sep. 13, 2012

My evening!!

Me in green:

Indian food tonight.  Yum:

Sunset on the way home:

Soaking in a bubble bath with a cup of tea:

My sandal broke while we were out - so we had to head home straight after dinner as I couldn't walk lol!  So funny!  Good job it's almost Fall and I won't need them any more!!!  :)  

My crazy girl:

Curriculum sale...

Today was the day of our homeschool group 'Tailgate Curriculum Sale'.  We all met up in the parking lot by the playground and swapped, sold, gave away our curriculum and other things that we no longer need.  I picked up 4 French books for Abigail as well as a chocolate fondue fountain :)  
Susannah has wanted one of those for soooooo long!  :)  
So that is our plan for Sunday night when the kids get home - Chocolate fondue :)  

Abigail got a Titanic board game, and Sam got some toy soldiers :)

While we did the sale, all the children played together at the playground and had a blast enjoying the great September weather!!  At 8pm it was still 23c :)  

Silly old fool that writes me poems :)

A Dream for just one second

If only to Dream for two

A Dream some times remembered

If only I Dreamed of you...

A Dream of such goodness

Could never be a Dream come true

To sleep & have a Dream

Makes me Dream of you..

Dreaming I am writing

But never to be fooled

My Dreams turn into Daydreams

To that I must thank you.. 

For today

Outside my skies and sunshine..wispy clouds. It's going to be a lovely September day - with a forecast high of 24c :)  

I am thinking...about what to do tonight while the kids are out.  Maybe a coffee and people watching on Whyte...although we are there on Sunday, so maybe the dog park with Rosie or something...

I am Stacey for all the boxes she saved for me.  

In the kitchen...Abby is busy making chocolate chip cookies based on the ones she made at French class :)  

I am wearing...capris and tshirt

I am creating...a big box of 'stuff' to take to the curriculum sale this afternoon.

I am have to buy more tape for the boxes.  I think I am also going to pack up Sams room first and then use that room to store boxes because it is the biggest room.  

I am wondering...if life will ever really slow down.  I love being busy and active and having days crammed full - and even though I talk about 'when life slows down' - I'm not sure I want it to!  

I am reading...Shimelles daily pdf's for a class I'm taking.  And books with Sam but thats about all right now.

I am hoping...the good weather stays around for a while :)

I am looking forward to...this weekend as we have quite a bit planned :)  

I am difficult it is to organize field trips that please everyone.  Omg it's such a hassle!  So I am going to just plan field trips for us and then post them and if people come then they come.

Around the house...decluttering - closets, drawers and STUFF :)  

I am pondering...why people act the way they act.

One of my favorite things...homeschool get togethers :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:Curriculum sale and park day today.  Busy weekend :)

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