Sep. 13, 2012

For today

Outside my skies and sunshine..wispy clouds. It's going to be a lovely September day - with a forecast high of 24c :)  

I am thinking...about what to do tonight while the kids are out.  Maybe a coffee and people watching on Whyte...although we are there on Sunday, so maybe the dog park with Rosie or something...

I am Stacey for all the boxes she saved for me.  

In the kitchen...Abby is busy making chocolate chip cookies based on the ones she made at French class :)  

I am wearing...capris and tshirt

I am creating...a big box of 'stuff' to take to the curriculum sale this afternoon.

I am have to buy more tape for the boxes.  I think I am also going to pack up Sams room first and then use that room to store boxes because it is the biggest room.  

I am wondering...if life will ever really slow down.  I love being busy and active and having days crammed full - and even though I talk about 'when life slows down' - I'm not sure I want it to!  

I am reading...Shimelles daily pdf's for a class I'm taking.  And books with Sam but thats about all right now.

I am hoping...the good weather stays around for a while :)

I am looking forward to...this weekend as we have quite a bit planned :)  

I am difficult it is to organize field trips that please everyone.  Omg it's such a hassle!  So I am going to just plan field trips for us and then post them and if people come then they come.

Around the house...decluttering - closets, drawers and STUFF :)  

I am pondering...why people act the way they act.

One of my favorite things...homeschool get togethers :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:Curriculum sale and park day today.  Busy weekend :)

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