Jun. 26, 2012

My day....

Susannah had an exam again this morning, and so I headed out to pick her up around 10am.  Her friend Shania came back to our place for the afternoon as they had a meeting tonight.  

Laurence (who is done with school for the Summer) and I headed into Edmonton to the bottle depot - got rid of all the recycling and then stopped off at Timmy's for a coffee.  

Back home and I spent the day working - working on some one-off classes for the Summer.  

I got those planned and advertised and dealt with some clients who contacted me about the classes.  

Sam and Abby headed to their dads for the evening, we drove the girls in to town and dropped them at their meeting/ orientation session for this weekend - and then I took Laurence to his friends house as he is staying over there again.  

I had a while to myself and so I parked the truck and went for a walk around the lake - I took the chance to work on my Inner-Excavate Along class.  This weeks assignments are about the theme of 'I gather'.  One of the suggestions is to 'gather' moments of your day through photography - but instead of  just taking pictures as normal, to get down on the ground - or put your camera on the ground to see your life through 'the eyes of an ant' - or more simply put, to look at your life from a new angle.  

I didn't take ALL my pictures in this way, but I did take some - and I also caught a few pictures of a cute squirrel who didn't seem to mind me at all :)  

I then sat on a bench and relaxed - enjoying the peace and the view and focusing on the sounds around me.  

I am so enjoying this class and the encouragement to see your life through new eyes and REALLY experience all the senses!!  I thought I had a really good appreciation of 'the small things' in life, but this class helps you delve even deeper!

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