Jan. 26, 2013

Friday Fill-ins....

1. Wow, this last year has gone sooo incredibly fast! 

2. I love the pub quiz with all its silly trivia.

3. Finally, I'm becoming who I was meant to be. 

4. These warmer temperatures are all right with me. 

5. Sweet or savory: it depends on my mood. 

6. These 52 list prompts are new, but I'm enjoying them!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching movies with the fire crackling, tomorrow my plans include going to Ice on Whyte and Sunday, I want to have a meal out to celebrate my birthday, go to the Antiques mall to find a swan, and maybe go and see Les Miserables :)  !

Friday!!! :)

Abigail is going to have some sewing lessons with a friend - and is going to learn to make pj pants - so we headed over to a fabric store on Argyll that the friend recommended, and Abby picked out the fabric for her first pair!  She picked My Little Pony :)  

As we were already on Argyll we also stopped in at Bedrock Supply - the children had never been, so I got to show them round and they had the chance to see all the gemstones, soapstone, charms, beads etc etc...oh and to meet the two budgies they have :)  

This Amethyst was the same size as Sam :)  

After picking Susannah up from school, we headed to the library as Susie had some new books she wanted to get.  I took the opportunity to get some dvds's - some movies I've wanted to see for a while, and one for Susannah that all her friends had seen but she hadn't!  

Tonight (after a yummy supper of baked potatoes and cheese salad)  I sat and watched Akeela and the Bee with Abigail - a movie about the Scripps Spelling Bee.  Abby has been thinking about applying to the bee next year - but I think she might reconsider after watching the movie and seeing how tough it can be!  However it did pique her interest in learning Latin!  So I googled some online websites to help her, and we will learn some!

After that movie, Abby went up to bed to read, Sam sat on the computer, and Susannah and I watched 'American Pie'.  I hadn't seen it for soooo long but it was still so funny!  And the party scenes seemed sooo real now that I have two teen sons lol!  

Backyard Birdwatching :)

The birds love our back yard - especially as we have so many birdfeeders :)
They especially like the feeders that Sam and Abby made :)  

I can't wait to see what birds we can attract in the Spring and Summer.  I know they often get Hummingbirds here, which makes me soooo happy :)  

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