Jan. 26, 2013

Friday!!! :)

Abigail is going to have some sewing lessons with a friend - and is going to learn to make pj pants - so we headed over to a fabric store on Argyll that the friend recommended, and Abby picked out the fabric for her first pair!  She picked My Little Pony :)  

As we were already on Argyll we also stopped in at Bedrock Supply - the children had never been, so I got to show them round and they had the chance to see all the gemstones, soapstone, charms, beads etc etc...oh and to meet the two budgies they have :)  

This Amethyst was the same size as Sam :)  

After picking Susannah up from school, we headed to the library as Susie had some new books she wanted to get.  I took the opportunity to get some dvds's - some movies I've wanted to see for a while, and one for Susannah that all her friends had seen but she hadn't!  

Tonight (after a yummy supper of baked potatoes and cheese salad)  I sat and watched Akeela and the Bee with Abigail - a movie about the Scripps Spelling Bee.  Abby has been thinking about applying to the bee next year - but I think she might reconsider after watching the movie and seeing how tough it can be!  However it did pique her interest in learning Latin!  So I googled some online websites to help her, and we will learn some!

After that movie, Abby went up to bed to read, Sam sat on the computer, and Susannah and I watched 'American Pie'.  I hadn't seen it for soooo long but it was still so funny!  And the party scenes seemed sooo real now that I have two teen sons lol!  

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