Oct. 21, 2012

Such a nice weekend :)

I was up before dawn this morning, and so caught the first glimpse of sunrise over the back yard as I made my coffee:

Abigail surprised me a little later with breakfast in bed :)  Including hashbrowns and meringues lol!  
She is such a darling :)  The hashbrown is supposed to be in the shape of a koala.  She said she tried to make a heart but it didn't work so she made it a koala :)  

I spent the morning with 'Effy' studying art journaling techniques 
and playing with my inks and pens:

Laurence, Kevin and Susannah headed to West Edmonton Mall with a friend, 
and spent the afternoon at Galaxyland :)
Abby, Sam and I tried a few more of the German chocolates :)  

Then we did a few chores/ laundry...Sam groomed Rosie, and then we headed into town to the dog park for a walk.  It was 0c outside - cold but sunny and quite a lovely day for a walk :)  Abigail took a ball for Rosie and they played fetch for a long while and then we walked through the woods.  Rosie loves to sit on the passenger seat and is such a good girl:

Sam liked playing with the big pieces of ice in the mud by the pond :)  

After the dog park we called in at Walmart for some groceries before going home - and then I cooked a lovely roast dinner with yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts, broccoli and roasties :)  
Totally yummy :) 

We had pumpkin pie for dessert.

Now Laurence and Kevin have a friend over and they are watching movies down stairs.  Susannah is doing homework.  Abby is doing her French homework, and Sam is complaining he is bored, so I will read him a story before bed :)  

Our Saturday....

Our day didn't quite go to plan yesterday - our daytime plans didn't happen....long story of miss-copied directions, distance from gas stations and eventually giving up lol!  But all worked out in the end and we spent a relaxing day for the most part at home in the warm enjoying the snowfall and the fire.

Abby made herself Kraft dinner, and I had some of that with leftover hashbrown casserold, which ended up tasting soooooo good that I might actually make it with the kraft dinner IN it next time!  It doesn't look too appetising but I promise you it tasted AMAZING!  

I really shouldn't have eaten so much as I KNEW we were having a big turkey dinner later!

We opened one of the boxes of chocolates that Kevin brought over - it didn't last long as the kids all loved them:

Late afternoon we headed to T's house for a pot luck supper with friends!  Laurence was working, so Kevin came with us, but he was welcomed by everyone and I think he enjoyed it!  

We sat out by the fire for a while which was actually my favourite part - it was lovely out there!  We got to snoop through T's albums and yearbooks from the 80's and early 90's which were sooooo funny!  

The girls were busy doing crafts and playing, and the boys were gaming I think...all in all we were there over 6 hours and I barely saw my two!!  I love that all the children play so well together for sooo long!!

While the children played, so did the adults....games of Spot It and Trigger tend to get VERY heated when the Royal Order compete against each other :)  

I sneaked out of the party for a couple of hours to take Kevin to the Haunted Hike.  The line up had been too long yesterday, and last night was his last chance to go.  Susannah came too.  It was MUCH better than Friday night and we did a lot of screaming.  Susannah cried twice but was giggling like crazy...it was soooo much fun :)  

We got home late BUT I still read a bedtime story to Sam.  We read Meg and Mog which I had as a little girl too :)  I remember the story of Meg and Mog going to the moon :)  

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