Oct. 21, 2012

Such a nice weekend :)

I was up before dawn this morning, and so caught the first glimpse of sunrise over the back yard as I made my coffee:

Abigail surprised me a little later with breakfast in bed :)  Including hashbrowns and meringues lol!  
She is such a darling :)  The hashbrown is supposed to be in the shape of a koala.  She said she tried to make a heart but it didn't work so she made it a koala :)  

I spent the morning with 'Effy' studying art journaling techniques 
and playing with my inks and pens:

Laurence, Kevin and Susannah headed to West Edmonton Mall with a friend, 
and spent the afternoon at Galaxyland :)
Abby, Sam and I tried a few more of the German chocolates :)  

Then we did a few chores/ laundry...Sam groomed Rosie, and then we headed into town to the dog park for a walk.  It was 0c outside - cold but sunny and quite a lovely day for a walk :)  Abigail took a ball for Rosie and they played fetch for a long while and then we walked through the woods.  Rosie loves to sit on the passenger seat and is such a good girl:

Sam liked playing with the big pieces of ice in the mud by the pond :)  

After the dog park we called in at Walmart for some groceries before going home - and then I cooked a lovely roast dinner with yorkshire puddings, brussel sprouts, broccoli and roasties :)  
Totally yummy :) 

We had pumpkin pie for dessert.

Now Laurence and Kevin have a friend over and they are watching movies down stairs.  Susannah is doing homework.  Abby is doing her French homework, and Sam is complaining he is bored, so I will read him a story before bed :)  

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