Oct. 5, 2012

Friday at Katies Crossing....

Today was a PD Day for Susannah, which left the whole day feeling like a Saturday.  We pottered about this morning doing various things...then this afternoon we headed to Katies Crossing to meet up with homeschool friends for ice cream and a walk.  Oh...and some photo taking ;)  

We watched a few trains go by, and then J decide that squashing some pennies on the track would be a good idea!  

It was amazing being sooooo close to the tracks as the train went by.  The ground under our feet SHOOK and you could feel the breeze from it - which J renames 'Train farts' for the kids :)  

We ended up with quite a few flattened pennies and dimes etc...

This train wasn't moving and was just sat there on the bridge, which was a great opportunity to get up close with a train:

Abby hanging out while S and J looked for the flattened pennies and at various rocks lying around:

There was some standing water by the train, that had frozen!  Yikes..Winter is on it's way!

This is one of the unusual rocks we found by the tracks:

My view as I made coffee this morning :)

spelling practice in bed :)

Sam cozied up in bed this morning playing his new spelling game 'Word Whiz' :)  

He's doing good :)  

Snapshots from my week....

There was a mist hanging over the water on the lake this morning.  
It was very frosty out.

The kids chose old fashioned bottles of coke with their lunch at the library.
They brought the bottles home :)

Yesterday Susannah's class went to the Mis Hospital to take part in their 'PARTY' program.  This program is Canada-wide and teaches teens about the dangers of drinking and driving.  4 people spent who had been involved in drunk driving accidents went in to talk to them - including a young man who had killed his best friend.  He was crying while he talked.  A paraplegic spoke with them and went in to great details about things like using the bathroom.  

They had to take a bagged lunch that was taped or stapled shut - and foods that would be difficult to eat - and they each were given different disabilities.  They then had to try and eat their lunches with their disabilities.  As fun and as funny as that was - the lesson certainly hit home.  I think they all found it very emotional and eye opening!  

I know Laurence really learned a lot when he took the class too - if your children have the chance to go on this program then do it!  This is the kind of thing that teens need.  It should be compulsory for all drivers really.  I know a few people who could do with attending a program like this - not just for drinking and driving, but texting and driving!!

Fall is so beautiful:

After our group tonight, we stopped off to fill up with gas, and 
also picked up hot chocolates and a steeped tea for me.  I drank mine while soaking in the bath:

My pretty girl.  She is still loving her earrings - and is taking really good care of them
 - cleaning them several times a day:

It was the last farmers market of the year yesterday.  We met up with our crazy friends, but some of our favourite stalls were not there :(  We went for our usual walk around the lake and all took instagram pictures :)  

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