Oct. 5, 2012

Friday at Katies Crossing....

Today was a PD Day for Susannah, which left the whole day feeling like a Saturday.  We pottered about this morning doing various things...then this afternoon we headed to Katies Crossing to meet up with homeschool friends for ice cream and a walk.  Oh...and some photo taking ;)  

We watched a few trains go by, and then J decide that squashing some pennies on the track would be a good idea!  

It was amazing being sooooo close to the tracks as the train went by.  The ground under our feet SHOOK and you could feel the breeze from it - which J renames 'Train farts' for the kids :)  

We ended up with quite a few flattened pennies and dimes etc...

This train wasn't moving and was just sat there on the bridge, which was a great opportunity to get up close with a train:

Abby hanging out while S and J looked for the flattened pennies and at various rocks lying around:

There was some standing water by the train, that had frozen!  Yikes..Winter is on it's way!

This is one of the unusual rocks we found by the tracks:

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