Apr. 9, 2012

Easter Monday fun at the Prairie Gardens.

We spent this afternoon at The Prairie Gardens.  Back in December I took the opportunity to buy another annual pass at 50% off.  We go there so often that it saves soooo much money!  The kids LOVE it there :)  They have added so many festivals throughout the year now and so many different activities to each festival :)

I persuaded Laurence to come with us today - he hadn't been with us for YEARS, but I think he had a great time too - he even joined in the gem mining and held a chick :)  

I had to bribe Susie with mini eggs to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  Is it just me or is the Easter Bunny just always so damned CREEPY???  I swear there is something demonic about a huge rabbit!!  It always comes across as evil - like a clown!  

The baby chicks were soooooo cute - made me want to get a couple for at home, but of course they grow up in to stinky chickens...but we all held a baby chick and cuddled them close for a while:

The kids got to hunt for eggs and trade them for candy:

Gem mining is their most FAVOURITE thing to do at the Prairie Gardens and we always get at least two buckets to sort through.  Laurence got 16 sharks teeth!!  Abby got a fossil and a big arrow head.  Sam had a huge amethyst....he brought it all home and added his stash to his treasure chest.  He has decided he wants to be an archeologist or something similar when he is older:

The Knights were there again,  Sam chose to have sword fight with one of them:

Abigail chose to try archery.  The guy was really impressed with her.  He said it is always nice to see a natural and she was the first of the day to shoot it through the target - and then she did it twice :)  

Being on the Prairie Gardens Facebook page means I knew that it was very wet and muddy there - so we were well prepared - they did say that it was drier today - and it was thankfully!  But we still wore our welly boots just in case!!  We still found plenty of muddy puddles to play in :)

One of the greenhouses had been turned into a nursery for newborn lambs and kids.  They were sooooo cute and cuddle and so very soft.  We all went in for a cuddle and to say hi:

All in all it was the perfect way to end the Easter Weekend.  Welcoming baby animals - welcoming Spring.  Spending time on a farm, outside in the sunshine, chicks, lambs, baby rabbits....

Perfect :)

And now I'm exhausted :)
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