Mar. 25, 2012

Games night and chocolate fondue!

Tonight we played Junior Monopoly and had chocolate fondue with strawberries and banana.  
Totally delicious and fun:

ewww stinky brother too close to Abby hahaha:

Abigail won the game...although she WAS also the banker...hhmmmmm!!  Hahahaha!

Supper at our place....

We were all still a bit full from our brunch, so I didn't want to do a huge supper tonight.  I decided to use up a few leftovers from brunch though, to make this recipe for Cheesy bacon oven chips:

I served them with spinach and a cheese, onion and bacon dip:

The dip seasonings were a gift from Trish (Epicure) and I know I am going to HAVE to order some because the kids LOVE them - with chips or with a supper like this!  I love making my own dips in this way - and so easy!!  I want to be able to make the dip I tried at Kerri's party the other week too:

Library afternoon...

Sam always grabs either a big Star Wars book OR a Guinness World of Records/ Ripleys Believe it or Not style he sat with me and we looked at some yucky gruesome pictures but he LOVED it:  

Abby Banana picked another pile of books and got stuck straight in...she is almost done her 5 books for her pizza.  She has a class at the library this week and I am pretty sure she will be picking up her pizza coupon then :)  So proud of my little book worms - ALL 5 of my children have grown into avid readers now....Laurence is currently reading Terry Pratchetts 'The Hogfather'.  

A few pictures to make you smile, think or laugh :)

Sunday brunch at our place....

I saw two amazing recipes over on the Paper Turtle blog this week, and knew I HAD to try them...with all the farm eggs we get from Trish, and my kids love of cheese and ham...I knew these recipes would be a BIG hit!!

I made the mini quiche muffins - which are like a savoury muffin with ham, cheese and green onions in them.  They were yummy hot from the oven, but we had some as a snack when we got home early evening, and they were AMAZING cold too!!  You can freeze them as well!  Perfect!  I doubled the recipe and it worked out GREAT!  

Eggs cracked by Abby and Sam - about to be beaten by me and added to the mixture above:

Abby helped me make the second recipe, which was called 'Egg Boats'.  It is basically a hollowed out baguette, and you add the excess bread to the mixture of egg, bacon, cheese etc and then mix it up and stuff it all back into the hollowed out baguette and bake it for 3o minutes.  Yummy!

These are the savoury muffins I made:

This is a wedge of the 'egg boat' and served with sour cream.  It was good too.  we were all definitely filled up ready for our day after our brunch.  Especially with Sams fresh lemon juice:

The kids all want me to make these recipes again.  I am also bookmarking other brunch ideas...trying to decide which to have for Easter Day.  

Snapshots from Sams Sunday...

Sam's latest science experiment, growing jelly crystals and blending the colours:

Playing Alphabet 'Old Mudd' this morning on the bed....great game for letter recognition, learning the sounds and upper and lower case letters:

Yesterday Sam chose a lemon at the grocery store, and today he set to work making lemonade for everyone.  This afternoon we bought more lemons so he could make us more as his lemonade is FANTASTIC!!  Yay for home made REAL lemonade:

Loving Creed right now...

Hey Sharon.....

Saw this on instagram and it made me laugh out loud - remember our conversation on our last date???  


No wonder the guy is smiling!!  Hahahahaha!!!
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