Nov. 11, 2012

doodle time....

I spent time tonight working on the zentangle/ doodle that I started this morning:

My Sunday

My Sunday started with a relaxing morning doing art.  
I was in the mood to finish a zentangle I started :

This afternoon we went to Millennium Place.  I am determined to make the most of the Millennium cards we now have.  We went swimming and then the kids all went to the Youth Lounge and Gym.

We didn't leave until the sun was setting:

In the youth lounge I joined in and played foosball....

I got a Holiday London Fog (yum):

I also joined in and played table hockey:

The battle of the sisters:

Home and I had a lovely glass of wine while I caught up on my blog and waited for dinner to be ready....we had sausages cooked in gravy in the crockpot, with crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, brussel sprouts, carrots and yorkshire puddings!!  Mmmmm.

Now I have eaten too much and the wine has gone to my head a little and I feel all sleepy and relaxed.  The wine was a gift from fellow Brave Girl Coreena - and her hubby :)  xx

Lest we forget...

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