Jun. 5, 2012

On a mission...

Today we headed off on a mission to find a Venus Fly Trap for the children.  They have all wanted one for a while - and we also wanted to grow a few things on the back deck in tubs - so we headed to Greenland Garden Centre.  While there we had a coffee and cake each and sat outside on the heated/ covered patio!  The heater was soooo good that it was lovely and warm there despite being outside on a grey and dreary 15c day!!  It was a lovely quiet place to sit and have coffee and chat together :)  

They had sooo many beautiful plants at the garden centre and we enjoyed looking around, but they didn't have a Venus Fly Trap!!  Luckily the lady who we spoke to knew JUST where to find them!!

So we headed up to Save on Foods and found one there :)  
All the children have said that it isn't quite what they were expecting - and that it's very small - and nothing like Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors :)  Ah well - it will grow :)  
(hopefully lol)

Art Journaling

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