Sep. 20, 2012

Buttercup at the farmers market tonight....

Tonight we headed to Salisbury Greenhouse farmers market....they had Buttercup the skateboarding dog there :)  We have seen her a few times now but she is always cute to watch - and this time she brought her friend Minnie - a performing Pot Bellied Pig :)

Minnie the piggy did all kinds of tricks like playing basketball, sitting, filling a shopping cart with groceries and playing piano - it was very cute but made us miss our Charlie very much :(  

It was 25c today....a gorgeous day and a lovely warm evening - perfect for a stroll at the farmers market :)  

Thursday....what a fabulous day!!!

Todays weather was incredible!  
We couldn't have hoped for better weather today for our Marshmallow gun war at the park!!
As J said:  "120 feet of pvc pipe, 500 or so connectors, some duct tape, and 50,000 mini marshmallows =Your typical homeschool day with a great bunch of friends"!
We met at the park at lunchtime, and each person got to build their gun from the pvc piping that J and L had worked hard to prep!  Then you could move over to the decorating table and decorate your gun!!  There was camo duct tape, Hello Kitty, moustaches, rainbow, flames....and also ribbons, stickers etc etc so you could go crazy  designing your gun!  

Then it was group picture time!!  The kids followed by the Moms!!

After this, we headed over to the other side of the park and got ready for BATTLE!!  

It was soooo much fun!  Darn rotten kids kept aiming for me!!  And omg marshmallows can HURT - those guns were powerful!!  So I wore safety glasses lol!  I'm glad I did :)  

Such a fun night!!!!

Last night we met friends at the farmers market - it was T and T's first time - yep farmers market virgins!!

We strolled the market, bought a few things, and then walked around the lake to the playground. The children played while we sat and chatted by the lake - and laughed....and laughed and laughed :)  

Miss A was hilarious and had me clapping applause each time a group of women ran by - the boot camp group was there as usual - doing workouts on the sidewalk - and so we were making jokes and cheering them on!!  There was a guy taking pictures of us from the other side of the lake...more reasons to laugh....and well - as I often say, it just shows you don't need alcohol to have a good time - just good company :)  These are crazy chicks - my kind of people :)

Quote from the night:  "We're gonna get beat down by friggin yoga mats!"

And two pictures of the very beautiful Miss A....who somehow manages to pull some very funny faces just as the camera clicks :)

So many fun memories from last night - not least having the cr*p scared out of me by T beeping her horn right behind me hahahahaha!!

snapshots from Wednesday....

Last night was 'Meet the Creature' night at Susannah's school.  I don't normally attend...schools kind of freak me out lol - especially this school and the people there lol....but they combined it with fun and games, a barbecue, and live we all went - even Laurence!!  I think he liked that people came and hugged him and asked how he was doing :)  

We didn't stay long - just long enough to show our faces and for Sam and Abby to eat and play for a few minutes....We left Susannah there and her big brother picked her up after it ended.  

Susannah and her friends were sat at the front of the school singing and playing guitar

Samuel is working on building a castle with his Lego....this was his progress yesterday.  He is still working on it today though:

Abby cut me a radish - and she cut it into a heart for me :)
Love my girly:

Fall in my town.......

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