Sep. 20, 2012

snapshots from Wednesday....

Last night was 'Meet the Creature' night at Susannah's school.  I don't normally attend...schools kind of freak me out lol - especially this school and the people there lol....but they combined it with fun and games, a barbecue, and live we all went - even Laurence!!  I think he liked that people came and hugged him and asked how he was doing :)  

We didn't stay long - just long enough to show our faces and for Sam and Abby to eat and play for a few minutes....We left Susannah there and her big brother picked her up after it ended.  

Susannah and her friends were sat at the front of the school singing and playing guitar

Samuel is working on building a castle with his Lego....this was his progress yesterday.  He is still working on it today though:

Abby cut me a radish - and she cut it into a heart for me :)
Love my girly:

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