Sep. 20, 2012

Such a fun night!!!!

Last night we met friends at the farmers market - it was T and T's first time - yep farmers market virgins!!

We strolled the market, bought a few things, and then walked around the lake to the playground. The children played while we sat and chatted by the lake - and laughed....and laughed and laughed :)  

Miss A was hilarious and had me clapping applause each time a group of women ran by - the boot camp group was there as usual - doing workouts on the sidewalk - and so we were making jokes and cheering them on!!  There was a guy taking pictures of us from the other side of the lake...more reasons to laugh....and well - as I often say, it just shows you don't need alcohol to have a good time - just good company :)  These are crazy chicks - my kind of people :)

Quote from the night:  "We're gonna get beat down by friggin yoga mats!"

And two pictures of the very beautiful Miss A....who somehow manages to pull some very funny faces just as the camera clicks :)

So many fun memories from last night - not least having the cr*p scared out of me by T beeping her horn right behind me hahahahaha!!

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