Sep. 20, 2012

Thursday....what a fabulous day!!!

Todays weather was incredible!  
We couldn't have hoped for better weather today for our Marshmallow gun war at the park!!
As J said:  "120 feet of pvc pipe, 500 or so connectors, some duct tape, and 50,000 mini marshmallows =Your typical homeschool day with a great bunch of friends"!
We met at the park at lunchtime, and each person got to build their gun from the pvc piping that J and L had worked hard to prep!  Then you could move over to the decorating table and decorate your gun!!  There was camo duct tape, Hello Kitty, moustaches, rainbow, flames....and also ribbons, stickers etc etc so you could go crazy  designing your gun!  

Then it was group picture time!!  The kids followed by the Moms!!

After this, we headed over to the other side of the park and got ready for BATTLE!!  

It was soooo much fun!  Darn rotten kids kept aiming for me!!  And omg marshmallows can HURT - those guns were powerful!!  So I wore safety glasses lol!  I'm glad I did :)  

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