Feb. 21, 2013

Snapshots of life this week....


On Tuesday we had homeschool gymnastics in the morning, and then we had some errands to run - after we were done, we went and picked up some friends -R and A - and headed to Millennium Place for a swim!  

In the evening Susannah and I went to the movies - Tuesday is cheap night, but despite it being the first week of Safe Haven, the theatre wasn't full. 

So yes, we went to see Safe Haven - a movie supposedly based on Nicholas Sparks book.  I have just finished the book and was VERY disappointed in the movie.  Susannah loved it but she hadn't read the book.  I think it would be disappointing for anyone who has read it.  They changed practically everything except the 'theme' of the story!  Blegh!!

Chairs for YESS!!

This is one of the chairs I am painting for YESS (Youth Empowerment and support services) - they will be auctioned off at their charity night in March :)  

This one is all pale colours - the other is very different :)  

Edmonton Tourism

Yesterday Edmonton Tourism wrote and asked if they could add this picture of mine to their profile page.  Well of course I said yes :)  It will be promoted today as their picture of the day :)  

So much good news regarding my photography this week.
I also received an email to say one of my pictures is being included in a local exhibition :)  

More snapshots from our Family day...

Be a jerk!!

Monday was Family Day here in Alberta and we finally got to head out for a family meal together to celebrate Abigails birthday.  She chose Sodajerks!  It's a burger bar that is known for it's amazing milkshakes (adult ones too yum) .  You also get to design your own burger by filling out the 'build your own burger' menu....you can choose all kinds of crazy things to put in your burger.  You can even have it in a waffle instead of a bun!!

We had a Cookies and Cream milkshake each - omg sooooo good!!

Susannah had strawberries and cream:

I spotted this on the menu which was perfect for me lol:

So I took this picture of my yummy veggie burger with blue cheese, cucumber, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, peppers and mixed salad:

And I entered the picture onto Instagram!!  The next day I got a message to say I was this weeks winner and I get a $50. gift card!!  Yay!!  :)  

So as well as an amazing meal and a FAB server, we get to go back again soon :)  

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