Apr. 8, 2012

It's been a busy few days....

....and so I've enjoyed a quieter day at home today....in between the egg hunts and Easter fun, I've done some art journaling and pottering about in my bedroom and even had a nap :)
Ready for another busy day of fun tomorrow :)  

Happy Easter everyone!!!


Egg hunt fun :)

The children had fun hunting for eggs inside this year - due to all the the snow and wet outside.
They were still very happy though - it still resulted in plenty of candy :)  

A few snapshots of our Easter Day so far.....

It has also included, croissants and jam, hunting for toys and eggs, painting nails, playing with toys, eating chocolate, relaxing, drinking coffee in the sunshine, chatting with friends..enjoying a day at home....

I hope you are having a lovely Easter day wherever you are and whoever you are with...I hope the sun is shining :)  
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