Jun. 17, 2012

Tag time....

listening - the tv is on downstairs.  The window is open and occasionally I hear an owl, a coyote...and Rosie WAS barking in response but she is now in the mudroom.

eating - I just had a marmite sandwich.

drinking - coffee.  

wearing - black denim capris, ankle bracelet, black tshirt.

feeling - tired, content.  Pains in my tummy.  Think I will go and soak in the bath with my book.

wanting - life to stay as happy and uncomplicated as it is.  

needing - to find my diary!!!  I KNOW I have quite a few events, invitations and choices this week and yet I an't find my diary to check when and where!  I also have quite a few dates to ADD to my diary before I lose them.

thinking - how much I love summer, how good life has been lately, how I love being tired in the evening from spending the day outdoors in the sunshine with the children :)

enjoying - seeing tan lines appear on me.  Thunder storms.  Herbal teas.  My new book.  my online classes.  Looking ahead.  My home (making the most of it so we leave with no regrets).

wondering - where my diary is!  

The Ice Cream Truck...

After our late lunch/ early supper, we headed to the park for an hour.  

Because we live in a rural area, we don't get the ice cream truck near our house - the kids were THRILLED to see it at the park today and so I sent Abby and Sam to buy something each JUST so they can say they got something from the ice cream truck :)  

The Green Shack volunteers were working, and both Abby and Sam enjoyed joining in with the crafts and activities:

Susannah and I walked over to the little pier part and watched the minnows swimming about.  We watched the geese being fed - and the seagulls stealing the bread from the water FAST!!

We headed in to Sherwood Park to pick Laurence up, and then headed home.

Now we are home and listening to a thunderstorm....and watching the hail and rain from the window.

It's been a fabulous day.  So very lucky :)

British Fish and Chips :)

After the car show, we stopped off at Brits Fish and Chips for an early supper.
The kids really enjoyed it and Susannah said it was the best fish she had ever eaten :)

Show and Shine Car Show!!

Today we headed to The Church on 99th, for their annual 'Show and Shine' car show!  Wow!  It was HUGE!!  And BUSY!!!  They close half of 99th and the actual street is filled with show cars - and they also have several parking lots and side streets filled with cars, activities, concessions etc etc.

Inside the church they have a 'family zone' with councy castles, table hockey, foosball, arts and crafts and face painting etc.....the kids loved it :)  Outside there were gokarts too :)  

One of my students, Danni, came running up to say hi - it was great to see her and catch up!  

I really enjoyed the show and it was just nice to stroll around and enjoy the sunshine, the atmosphere and listen to Sam chat about the cars.  We saw a Delorean so the kids were thrilled to see the Back To The Future car :)  

Abby liked this Barbie type car:

Pictures from the last few days:

We watched this guy tightrope walk across Niagara Falls live on Friday evening. 
I was surprised at how fast he did it!  He is doing the Grand Canyon next!

I continue to work in my Inner Excavate-along journal for my current class:

Saw this on Instagram and thought it was funny:

Banana cartwheels everywhere:

More from my Inner Excavation Journal:

Our house is always filled with music - the girls guitar skills 
are amazing:

Sams art journaling is fabulous:

Inner Excavate along journal:

Can't remember if I have blogged this, but it still melts my heart:

Pictures I've seen and liked:

What a day :) Loving Summer!!!!

Today, after a morning of relaxing at home, we headed out to buy a new fire bowl.  I wanted to get something that we.  
 can use safely and regularly at this place - big enough for all of us, BUT small enough that we can take it if and when we move house!  

We found the perfect one!  

Then we headed to Whyte Ave, for our regular Saturday stroll.  We stopped off in Chapters to get some new books.  Then went to Fuss Cupcakes because their coffee is the most delicious coffee I have ever had!  :)  

Then after that we headed home, via Stupidstore for campfire goodies, and Home Depot for campfire tools.

Abby Banana ate all my froth from the top of my latte.  It reminded me of when she was a baby and Lloyd and I would sit in the Starbucks at the mall in Edinburgh and feed her the froth from his drink - even at 5 months she was happily lapping it up lol!  We used to think it was funny :)  

My cupcake choice today was a lemon cupcake:

Abigail chose Red Velvet:

Sam chose the Tiramisu cupcake:

When we got home the kids decided they wanted to put the fire together....unfortunately they didn't follow the instructions, lol so I re-did it with Susannah while Abby and Sam collected sticks :)  

It is a fabulous fire bowl and we had an amazing evening sat out by it:

I am loving my new book.  It is based in Edmonton and the main character works in a travel agents on Whyte Ave. It is so nice to read about familiar places and hear the characters complaining about the weather in September etc :)  

Susannah played guitar and sang to us.  It was lovely - with the sun setting behind her:

This little guy really loved being outside until after dark - figuring out how to get the fire to go big or small and throwing bits in:

Abby playing a game while Susie was on the guitar:

Of course we had glow sticks to play with:

We set the swing ball up as well:

We came in after midnight and packed everything away - tidied up a little, and now the house is silent and everyone is fast asleep already!  A truly wonderful day yet again. I feel truly blessed for my life :)

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