Apr. 14, 2012

Our Saturday.....

Friday was a grey and drizzly day all day...just one of those cold and miserable days and we didn't want to go out in it - it kept changing from rain to snow and then back to rain again....we delayed all our errands until Monday and stayed home for the day.  Abby practiced on her guitar all day - she is getting really good.  Sam watched a movie with me, did some math, was on the computer...Abby baked cookies...I decluttered every closet and drawer in my room and now have several empty drawers again which makes me feel good :)  I cleaned the bathrooms and did some studying....I also art journaled and caught up with the Book of days that I'm following along with.  Very inspiring.

Susies bus arriving home.  Laurence is staying at his friends for the weekend:

Then today, Saturday, we woke up to this:

More snow - and the yucky wet horrible kind :(  I wish Spring would hurry up and finally BE here - I'm tired of this warm one day and then cold the next :(  

We headed into town to the library.  Sams book that we had ordered was in (The Lego Ideas Book) and we had some books due back on Sunday.  Abby and Susannah also both wanted to get more books from the series they are reading.  They both came home with piles of books.  I got three for myself on Marine Life:

The pizza slices that the children had filled in over Spring Break had all been put up on the wall.  They had to colour in one pepperoni piece for each book they read and then after reading five books they could trade their pizza slice for a coupon for a free small Panago pizza!!!  Here Sam is pointing to his pizza slice :)

We headed to the mall to get some groceries but first we walked through to Chapters to get the journals for the new art journaling class.  The Alberta Arm Wrestling Association was holding a competition in the food court!!!  So we stopped and watched for a while.  Sam thought it was cool but Susie and I were just giggling - especially at how red the men were going!!!  hahaha  And Susie couldn't believe they have an association and that it's a 'real' sport....

Off to Safeway to get our groceries.  Luckily it was really quiet:

This is my Saturday night.  I really don't feel like getting dressed up and going out in this weather, so as exciting as it sounds, my Saturday night is curled up at home with a good book and a Bounty :)  
And you know?  I'm fine with that :)  


Tonight is the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of HMS Titanic.  
May it never be forgotten.

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