Aug. 13, 2012

The rest of our Monday....

So, we returned from Elk Island just before lunch, we all chilled out after showering.
I caught up on my blog, FB and checked my Emails.  Did the laundry and cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

Susannah had to work 3:30 until 5:30, so we headed into town.  Sam and Abby played the summer reading game at the library.  This was the first time Susannah had helped them.  They still haven't finished the game so I will try and go to the library a few times this week:

We headed off to the playground for a while.  It was grey and overcast but dry and very hot!  I expected it to storm, but so far it hasn't:

It wasn't long before the children had found friends to play with.  Although Abigail also came and told me about some girls in the playground who were not behaving very nicely at all.  Lets just say that being cruel to Dragonflies was not something Abby liked seeing.  I don't blame her.

Despite it not being particularly sunny, the humidity and heat wasn't pleasant - I was not feeling well as it was, so I spotted this bench to sit on in the shade of the trees:

I sat for about an hour with this amazing view, and just chillaxed:

I also sketched this tree into my art journal:

It was then time to head back to the library to meet Susannah:

Abby and Sam walked up through the water which is switched on again - last time we were there they were disappointed that the water was off and it was all dry!

We ran to Safeway for a couple of things and then home.  I felt so ill by then that I soaked in the bath.  I ache, have no energy, the shakes, stomach ache....and generally don't feel good.  Hopefully it is something that doesn't last long, and I will feel better tomorrow.  The bath helped, but I still feel crappy right now:

I got out of the bath and watched 'The Nanny Diaries' with Abigail on my bed.
She isn't feeling too great either.

I'm very glad it's bedtime.  We don't have any plans for tomorrow yet - I guess we shall see what the weather decides to do - the forecast right now is for rain.....then back up to sunshine and 26c by the end of the week!  :)

Harvest time!!!

We came home this morning to find the peas were ready to be harvested - Sam and Abby picked a pod each and we nibbled on fresh peas from the garden!!!


So sweet and delicious - and so wonderful that they grew them themselves. 
They were very proud - they have loved growing things this year - Sam especially :)  

Highlight of camping at Elk Island:

The kids found this beauty while we were on our walk late last night - couldn't resist snapping a picture.  Such a cutie :)  It was huge!!!  :)  Sam was sooo thrilled - he is still talking about it :)  

Scenes from Elk Island....

Last nights sunset over Astotin Lake:

The kids playing on the new boardwalk:

Susannah jumping on the boardwalk to make it wobble:

My little girl loves to take photographs - follow her on instagram 

At sunset we took a drive down to the Bison Loop and the kids were thrilled with all the bison everywhere - all over the road and running about in the dark:

We had two fires yesterday and one this morning.  Lovely:

We drove around the bison loop again on our way home today:

Loving Summer - loving life :)

Is there really only three weeks left until Summer ends??  
It's flown by so fast.
We have packed so much in though and created so many happy and fun memories - seen so many new places and met new people :)  

So grateful :)  


Camping at Elk Island Park....

The view of the beaver pond from our campsite:

Playing the sticky bat and ball game:

The girls tent on the right and the main tent on the left:

Putting the fire out before we left this morning:

Early morning - sleepyheads and toast cooked on the fire.  
I made pancakes for the kids too:

Roasting marshmallows:

Pathway leading up to the showers and bathrooms:

Susie making everyone coffee:

We forgot to have the sparklers last night - so we used them up this morning:

Last nights supper cooked on the fire.  It was a BIG hit.  
The kids also had hot dogs - but they loved the asparagus too:

Sam spent his horse racing winnings on a Lego set.  
He and Abby sat in the tent and created the models together:

Two sleepy heads early this morning - Susannah was still sleeping:

Yummy corn:

The whole reason for camping at Elk Island was so we could watch the Meteor Shower in a 'dark sky preserve' and it was totally worth it.  We took a walk around midnight down towards the lake and enjoyed the sky view and then returned to our site and all lay down to watch the skies.  We saw a satellite too :)  

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