Aug. 10, 2012

Supper tonight :)

I have had pork in the crockpot all day - I tried a new recipe I found online - 
'Coca-cola roasted Barbecue Pulled Pork'

It was yummy and after cooking ALL day it was  melt in the mouth tender :)  It also smelled INCREDIBLE.  

It was a big hit with everyone and plates were cleared :)  

For dessert there was raspberries with ice cream and mini meringues :)  

I had cold Coors Light to wash mine down with....and now I'm sleepy :)

An afternoon out....

Today we headed over to the John Janzen Nature Centre for the afternoon.
We borrowed two of their educational fun packs/ backpacks.
First of all we borrowed the bugs,birds and animals backpack - it came with binoculars, bug catchers, magnifying glasses etc as well as books to read up on what you find - and a folder of games and activities.

We found several unusual little bugs by shaking a branch over a light cloth and watching bugs fall on the cloth.  We also found many bugs on the flowers - and we discovered a variety of mushrooms growing in a darker area between trees.

Sam found several caterpillars and was thrilled :)  

We even watched a caterpillar of some kind crawling across the surface of the pond!!  Kind of swimming!  I have never seen that before - it was a green colour - almost the colour of boogers lol!

We then swapped bags for the pond dipping bag!!  
We have borrowed this backpack before and it is filled with tools and supplies for exploring the ponds at the centre - including nets, tubs, bottles, books, magnifying glasses etc etc

Then we headed inside to the indoor playground which is nature themed: 

There is even a beehive in the playground that you can watch through glass panels:

A heart I found on the pathway:

Reflection of the sun, clouds and trees in the pond:

The ridiculous (and extremely pointless) Talus Dome:

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous firstborn

He turns 19 today :)  

Thinking of you and hoping you have a fab day/ weekend in 
Vancouver - where you are finally old enough to have a drink!!



Sam asleep this morning - none of us got much sleep:

Two more pics from the splashpark yesterday:

Things I have learned....

I learned so much over the last few weeks.

I learned that I LOVE camping.

That holidays do not have to cost very much to be FANTASTIC.

That kids don't care whether they are close to home or in a foreign country - they don't care about five star hotels...they just LOVE relaxed, fun days of Summer, making new friends and creating memories :)

I learned that I am brave and strong and can do it :)

I learned that I love driving.  Even after getting home from a 7 or 8 hour drive I am more than happy to head back out.  In fact I often feel restless or bored if I don't.

I learned that I love doing things on my own - I love my own company and have no problem going to museums, restaurants, for photography drives or even camping - on my own :)

I have learned that I really REALLY like Southern Alberta - especially Calgary.  I learned that I'd quite like to live there :)

I learned how to cook all meals and drinks on either an open fire or a one ring camping stove :)

I learned how to keep food cold even without a fridge.

I learned that I sleep MUCH better in a tent than I do in my own bed at home.

I learned how to put up the 6 person tent.  I also learned to allow a group of teens to pack it away at the end of the holiday :)

I learned my way around several new cities and towns.

I learned how to put gas in from almost every kind of gas station/ gas pump possible I think - and we came across some VERY unusual/ old fashioned ones hahaha :)

I learned that sleeping in the truck isn't particularly comfortable but was quite an adventure.

I learned that I really REALLY miss Sam and Abby when they don't come camping!  Camgrounds are definitely more fun with kids around - and I just know how much fun they would have had from morning until dark last weekend.

I learned that I miss all my art supplies when camping - pens just aren't enough lol!

I learned that I HAVE to create - and that when I go a few days without using my art journal, I CRAVE it.  Writing and drawing and painting is a part of who I am.  My early mornings with coffee and my art journal by the campsite were wonderful :)

I learned that dinosaurs don't ever have hair but MAY have had feathers - even T Rex MAY have had feathers!

I learned that coal miners played some really funny jokes on each other.

I learned why Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump has that name!

I learned that I really over estimate the size of things!

I learned that sitting by the pool for hours until the kids are ready to go is wonderful.

I learned that having a rough plan for a road trip/ holiday is the best way to do things - we are not the scheduling type.  It was lovely to know where we would 'like' to go....but to know that if we really liked somewhere a lot we could stay longer, and if there was somewhere we didn't like, we could leave earlier.....I'm sooooo glad I didn't book anywhere beyond the first campground - we loved it there so much we booked two extra nights :)

I learned that the whole thing about homeschooled kids not knowing how to be socialize is absolute nonsense (not that I didn't know this before lol) but Abigail and Sam made friends sooooo fast everywhere we went - we all did - and it was almost always my kids who instigated the friendships!  Abigail ended up being invited to a campfire and supper at a friends trailer....and Susannah's friends adored Sam - in fact it was Sam who first joined in the game with David and his friend.

I learned that sunshine seems to follow us :)

I learned that I am amazing at map reading and directions - and that Susannah has improved dramatically because I made her be the main map reader this Summer!!

I learned that getting kids to write postcards is no easy task!  Even just one each!  Lol!

I learned that actually getting around to POSTING those postcards was not something I was good at :(  In fact one is still missing - it was in my journal and now I can't find it :(

I learned that I am not so bothered by bugs any more - having had to share bathrooms with them for the last few weeks :)  Lol!

I have learned that I like being single and whether I stay single or not in the future, I will ALWAYS make trips like this on my own and with the children.

I learned that there are endless unhappy couples just 'going through the motions'....listening in on conversations at the campground was VERY interesting.  I only hear ONE couple talking nicely to each other - and the way they were talking, it was obvious that they had not been dating very long at ALL!!

I learned that I couldn't live somewhere extremely windy.  Waterton was very pretty but our skin was soooo dry and sore after staying there - the wind is incredible and not kind to your skin.

I learned that I quite like 'roughing it' and would like to do more camping in wilder/ back country areas.

I learned not to drink too much in the evenings, because 4am walks to the bathroom are not much fun lol!!

I learned that I love to be busy.  I don't like having nothing to do.  I feel the need to be out doing things.

Drumhellers 'Little Church' :)

You can read more about this little Church BY CLICKING HERE

odds and from our trip :)

Rosedale Suspension Bridge - Drumheller:

Fun at the pool every day - often twice a day :)

So strange seeing real cacti growing wild!!

But oops Sam tripped and put his hand on one.  Thank goodness for 

Our little camp site for our first visit to Drumheller:

I caught the sun - a LOT:

Susannah at Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Park:

See the red dot?  That's Susannah and Sam at 
Horse Thief Canyon:

Susannah at Horse Thief Canyon:

Sam on a hike near the Rosedale Suspension Bridge:

At a waterfall near Red Rock Canyon, Waterton Park:

Summit Lake - the lake we hiked up to near 
Cameron Lake, Waterton Park:

Gophers :)

These little guys - Ground Squirrels - joined us for a picnic one afternoon:

Worlds largest dinosaur

Of course we couldn't go to Drumheller and NOT visit the worlds largest dinosaur!!

To get an idea of the scale of it, compare the dinosaur to the car next to it!!  :)  

Playing on the dinosaurs foot:

Inside the mouth of the dinosaur:

Climbing up the stairs to the top:

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