Sep. 5, 2012

NOT Back to school picnic....

Yesterday was the annual 'Not Back to School' Picnic at Emily Murphy park in Edmonton.  
The morning had been cold and grey and I was really not sure whether we would go - but I'm so glad we did!  The sun came out and it really warmed up - it was perfect :) 

The kids had SUCH a great time and didn't want to leave - and I had a great time too - surrounded by people who feel the same way I do about education and life-learning.

Such a great time - so much laughter - kids of all ages playing together from toddlers to teens :)  

We also set up a few field trip dates and planned some get togethers :)  

Wednesday at our place....

Our day started off with an art session - we are focusing on faces this month and both Abby and Sam are taking part in '29 Faces in September' :)  

Here are the two faces they drew today.  Sam did a skull wearing a cowboy hat:

And this is my face for today - day 5 :)  

After that we watched Inkheart, and I spoke to a friend on the phone - we planned a get together for Friday :)  

Then we did some chores and I prepared supper in the crockpot.

We had brunch and then got to work on our tie dye.  Sam dyed two t-shirts.  Abigail tie dyed a tshirt, a pair of socks and something else....and I had nothing white to tie dye really, so I did a bra and underwear set:

I also tie dyed my hands:

Sam made himself a cheese toasty in the sandwich toaster and was
soooo proud of himself as it was his very first time:

After brunch/ lunch, we did gold panning using the kit we bought at the gem show.

We found two pieces:

It was 'early out' today, so once Susannah and Laurence got home, we headed into Edmonton to look at a car Laurence wanted to buy.  Then we ran back in to Sherwood Park to give Rosie a bath at the 'Pet Wash'.  She is no longer stinky from pond water :)  

Rosie was NOT impressed with her bath at ALL :)  But she did enjoy her walk through the farmers market and around the lake afterwards.  She got a lot of attention and several people asked to say hello to her:

They had yummy corn at the farmers market in aid of Stars Helicopter:

I can't help but notice how much older Rosie is looking this year.  
I can't imagine not having her around.
She is such a sweetheart and so well behaved.  She won't run with the kids because she 
won't leave me - and she keeps turning back to check I'm still there:

Susie in her back to school clothes and new boots which she LOVES:

Then we headed home and I soaked in the bath while the kids did their own thing - then showers and bed....lots to do tomorrow...

Edmonton Aviation Museum

Last Thursday (Aug 30th) we went to look around the Edmonton Aviation Museum.  We had never been there before, and didn't know what to expect.  I did think the kids wouldn't be overly thrilled with it, but it was still on my list of places I wanted to take them as you never know what they will learn where OR what will pique their interest...

By coincidence, the day we went, a B17 Bomber plane arrived at the museum for the long weekend.  It was a rare event to have one of these planes at the museum - or here in Edmonton, so we were really lucky to be there the same day!  You were allowed to climb up inside it, and it was really interesting!  Hard to believe 10 men would've been up in that plane at the same time - it was claustrophobic just for the four of us!  

a few extra pictures from our weekend in Drumheller..

I am so sad that this was probably our LAST weekend camping for this year.

Orkney Viewpoint:

A last breakfast at Whifs Pancake House:

Crepes with apple:

Sam's breakfast:

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