Sep. 5, 2012

Royal Tyrell Museum....

As we have an annual membership to museums now, and it covers the Royal Tyrell, we headed there twice over the weekend.  I couldn't BELIEVE how long the line ups were to get in!  Even an hour before closing!  Waaaay out of the doors and up to the road - and at one point the line up then went along the sidewalk to the external washrooms!!  Crazy!!  

Thankfully, as members we were able to walk straight by the line ups and go on in :)  I was also able to book a class for Abby and Sam for the second visit.  

They took the 'Fossil Casting' class, which basically teaches you exactly how fossils are recorded after they are found - and how casts are made so that replicas of delicate fossils can be created.  

The children then got to create their own cast of a real fossil.  They then were shown some really unusual fossils and casts :)  

It was such a fun class - even for those of us not participating!  

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