Apr. 3, 2012

Our Tuesday....

Our day started off with reading two Easter stories:

And coming to terms with the fact that my bedside table is a real mess 
and desperately needs sorting out!

I got online to a nagging message from my friend Trish.....who seems to think I should make the first move when it comes to a guy I like.  I think she thinks I should have been with him all along instead of chasing after hopeless idiots elsewhere...

Abby went on a playdate today in the North end of the city, and so we had a bit of a drive around....because of my new medications I can't drive, so Laurence kindly drove for me.  I was able to snap a few interesting sights out of the window.  Like the Worlds Largest baseball Bat:

We stopped at Lumberjacks for lunch and I coloured Sams colouring page:

Then to fill in time, and as we have annual membership, we figured we would make the most of it and go tot he science centre for a few hours.  It was lovely and quiet there thankfully.  In fact the lady on the desk smiled and said 'the class there was just leaving so it is about to be even quieter'  :)  
Perfect :)

We checked out the new exhibit on health and fitness and the body:

Then spent the rest of the time in the Discovery Zone, playing with water, bricks and role-playing in the airplane:

Laurence and Sam built a plane together:

And Laurence tried out the songs on the rainbow cloud piano:

I had to play Sir crew and serve the pilots with their drinks....sigh.....

But the pilot DID also have to refuel :

Afterwards we went to pick Abby up from her playdate and she had had a fabulous time - they had made potions and Abigails was 'Unicorn Pee'...but at least it smelt good :)  it was all glittery and perfumery and had little bits in it and herbs :)  

All in all a great day for a everyone I think :)  

Tomorrow I start my new round of art journaling classes for children called 'Bring on the Colour' and I really looking forward to that!!!  :)  

Then park day with friends in the afternoon - but they forecast a winter storm so I am hoping that the park day is still able to go ahead!!!  

Sam is loving his phonics and reading videos we are using from the library - we keep changing them each day and he is doing so well!  I am so proud!  We MUST remember to take their pizza slices tomorrow to get their free pizza's!!

So funny..and yet soooo true!! :)

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