Jan. 4, 2013

What a wonderful day!!! :)

Today we headed to the library to meet a lot of our friends - for coffee, to chat, catch up after Christmas, and to go for a walk by the lake and to the ice slide :)  

This Beauty won't be around for two weeks, so we really wanted to see her and spend time with her and her children before they disappeared!!  It was so nice to catch up with my crazies and see all the kids together again :)  

After an hour or so at the library we headed over to the ice slide for a while - the kids LOVED it and we ran in to even more friends there - including Abigails penpal!!!  :)  
It was such a gorgeous day +3c and sooo sunny :)  Just lovely :)  

We took a group pic before we headed home - although a few friends had left before we took this - so 4 at least were missing :(  

I took a picture of 'my' bench - remembering all the Summer afternoons I sat here drawing and art journaling last year...a little too cold for that right now - but still beautiful and peaceful :)  

Abby with her penpal:

A picture of the sun through the crazy 3d glasses:

Abigail went home with her friend G, and Sam and I went home to get Susannah.  As it was so warm we cleared all the snow and ice off of our driveway - and a neighbour came over to say hi which was really nice.  Sam played in his fort with Rosie, and Susannah folded up all the old moving boxes in the garage so we can take them to the recycle centre tomorrow.  Then we headed to the farmers market for a look around before picking Abigail up from her friends.  Then off to Michaels for a few supplies for our art day tomorrow, and Staples for ink.  Finally, FINALLY we headed home by 7:30pm and made supper!!  Spring Rolls and rice.  

We prepped the room for tomorrow and watched some of the Good Luck Charlie marathon, and Sam played outside in the snow for a while longer.  

Now bed time for me - FINALLY :)  

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