Apr. 15, 2012

scenes from our Sunday...

Sam got to open the prize cards from safeway and he WON!!!  
He was thrilled to win a box of cereal!! :)

Susannah, Abigail and I have spent a lot of time today relaxing and reading our books.
Rosie is MORE than happy to curl up and keep us company :)  

Susannah and her friend Shania went to see Titanic 3D at the movie theatre this afternoon.
We picked them up at 4pm and while we waited, we watched these birds fighting over some dropped food in the parking lot.  It was quite funny - they are such characters:

I took Sam and Abby to Kidz Quarterz for the afternoon.  They spent three hours running around and burning off energy in the indoor playground - and both had no problem finding endless friends to play with - they basically left me alone the whole time - which was fabulous as I had my head stuck in my new book - which is fantastic!!!  I can't wait to get to the end and find out the truth about Ben!!!  I definitely recommend 'Before I Go To Sleep' to anyone who wants a good book to read!!!  

Have a great week everyone!!

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