Apr. 2, 2012

Paper Airplane Olympics...

Today we took part in the 'paper airplane olympics' in town - we met up with a whole lot of other homeschool families.  We were each sent a plane design to learn and prepare, and then had to set up when we got there and be ready to teach that design to other families and children.

Our plane was actually the most difficult was was for ages 10+ but I thought it was fine.  It also holds the world record for staying in the air.  It is called The Champ :) 

It was a fun afternoon...the children go to try all kinds of different planes, helicopters, and flight modules....and we had rented a big sports hall at Millennium place for the afternoon so we could fly them all like crazy :)  

After the flight olympics we all met in the food court for a break and to plan the rest of our week - which include a park day and a swim session.  I also have two art classes.  Abigail has a play date with a friend tomorrow and I have a trip to either the zoo or science centre - depending on what my little man wants to opt for!!  Hmmm maybe the airplane museum if its open.  I wonder....

Self Portrait

Little me.  At 40.  No make up, because I never really wear any make up.  
Kind of please with my skin, its smooth and soft and very few lines :)  
I get told a lot that I don't look 40 and that I don't look as though I have 5 children and especially old enough to have one in college :)

I think it comes from feeling happy and calm much of the time.  Apart from the occasional stress brought on by the divorce and the issues around that, my life is pretty calm and relaxed and I'm happy about that.  

I think stress really does show on your face - as does unhappiness.

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