Sep. 12, 2012


Last night I was tagged by an Instagram friend, to post four of my favourite pictures in a collage.  
These are the four I picked.  The first is a picture of Sam with his playdoh worm.  It is just sooooo CUTE and I remember it like it was yesterday :)  
Next is a picture of Rosie lying in the glow of the Christmas tree - it was just a snapshot but worked so beautifully :)  
Then is a picture of Abigail at the library.  She is wearing a cowboy hat and I remember being so proud of her - she loved that hat and didn't care what anyone else thought - she had the confidence to follow her own style!  Love it :)
The next picture is from May 2012 and shows Abby and Sam on a swing at the Millwoods Midway.  We had had a FANTASTIC day - Whyte Ave and then the midway - and we spent the whole day laughing and smiling and having fun.  This picture just sums up the mood of the day :)

We did our faces for today.  This is mine.  I got Abigail and Sam to do male faces today.  Abby also worked ona  mini album she is doing of some of her art journaling work.

We have been learning about the gold rush and gold panning, as well as mining in general in this part of the world - and today we watched 'Call of the Wild'  a movie about the Klondike Gold Rush.  The kids LOVED this movie - it is so sad and so tragic but showed great detail about life in the 19th century for gold miners and pioneers.

Laurence had his hair cut this afternoon -much needed :)

Tonight we drove over to a friends house to pick up a truck load of boxes ready to start packing.  Then we drove in to town to the farmers market.  We walked around the lake with hot chocolates :)  

After the farmers market we did some grocery shopping before heading home.  Abby watched the Ballet Shoes movie (Noel Streatfeild) as it is due back tomorrow.  Sam watched his reading dvd one more time too.  I packed a couple of boxes and sorted some stuff out for tomorrow's curriculum sale.

Abby chose teeny tiny mini cupcakes at the farmers market - so pretty:

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