Apr. 16, 2012

Monday - a great start to the week :)

I had the loveliest sweetest snuggles with Sam this morning.
Our conversations in the mornings can be so amusing...I don't remember what this mornings was about, but it was sweet and funny and he was lying there with his head resting on my hand for a long while just chattering away :) 

We had to get up and dressed and head off to Edmonton to run some errands.  I popped into my lawyers office, then we went over to the bottle depot and recycled all our bottles - I really love doing that and wish we had done that for years!  All that money we were throwing away!!

After that we ran over to Oliver Square to do some banking and then in to McD's for coffee and a snack.  

The RBC there was so busy - must remember to AVOID that one in future - although the guy was OVERLY friendly there!  But not as cute as my normal guy at my RBC :)  

Mmmmm love McD's coffee :)  

Then it was on the the Royal Alberta Museum - we haven't been there in ages so we thought we would check out the galleries and see what they have going on!  First of all we took a little walk around the grounds because the weather was gorgeous.  The children want to come back one afternoon and go right down and walk along the river here...so we will do that one afternoon.  

Government House is such a gorgeous house - love it:

The children chose to go in to the 'Wild Alberta' gallery first - one of their favourites.  Abigail loves the Coyotes - she likes to press the sounds they make and was telling me how she falls asleep to that sound each night and she really loves it :)  I'm so glad - because I know exactly what she means.  I love it too.  They sing you to sleep :)  

They have a new exhibit in there called 'The life and death of the forest' and it's about forest fires and how important they are - and you get to watch a movie showing exactly what happens within minutes of a fire being put out in the forest....it was fascinating!  I really enjoyed it!

Then we were off to the Aboriginal gallery to see Sams friend - the bison!!

Then off to the gem gallery.....and the dinosaur exhibit.  We spent ages looking at all the fossils, learning about the layers of the earth and checking to see how many of the gemstones Sam has from his many attempts at gem mining!!

Then on to the bug room!!!!

Black widow spider!  Eeewwwww:

Then it was back outside and we went for another stroll around the grounds:

Took pictures of the children in the beautiful Pagoda:

It really is painted so beautifully:

Then we spotted a totem pole that we had never seen before so we headed over to it.  We were really surprised to find it was only HALF a tree and it was HOLLOW.  Very well done though and interesting to see:

We picked Laurence up after school and took him to get new shoes for work ready for his first shift tomorrow.  Then home via the gas station to fill up:

One more stop before home, and that was to check the mail box.  Today was Sam's turn to check.  There were two letters for us today.  

Home for dinner and yay we were all here for dinner tonight so we were sitting at the table to eat.  Lately it always seems like someone is missing...Yesterday we had the fish that they all love...today we had the chicken pies that they have been on about for ages...

Now I am about to watch a movie Sam has asked me to watch with him - he is finished drawing dragonflies from the museum today....so now we are watching 'Jingle All The Way'.  Hmmmm we seem to be on a  run of Christmas movies lol - the other day it was Santa Buddies!!!  Mind you, yesterday we watched Up :)  

I just want to get my head back into my book again!  It is sooooo GOOD!!!  :)


Some more lovelies I've spotted on pinterest lately...

These all speak to me in one way or another...for one reason or another...

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