Aug. 28, 2012

A few images and tags I've liked on Pinterest this week...

Making summer memories :)

We had a picnic at the car, and ice creams in the zoo:

We had fun on the pedal boats.  Susannah and Jacob were trying to splash us, but they weren't good at driving OR splashing, and ended up soaking themselves :)  

We went on the train which turned out to be a really sweet ride, talking about a few animals and birds you can ONLY see from the train ride - we also went under a tunnel which THRILLED Sam :)  

And the kids all loved how friendly the animals were in the petting zoo:

A really good day out and yet again FABULOUS weather :)  

Arctic shores....

The new arctic shores exhibit is REALLY nice.  
A chance to see seals, sea lions and other creatures from the north.

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.....

Today was a GORGEOUS sunny day and although it was 29c out, to me it didn't feel too hot!  Abby struggled with the heat a little bit - but even Abby only had a few grouchy minutes!!

We picked up Susannah's friend Jacob, and headed to the zoo.  

Edmonton zoo is partly under construction - it used to be a bit of a joke of a zoo, but they are working REALLY hard to improve things there, and every time we go now there is something new and different - the enclosures are sooo nice now for the most part, and it makes for a really fun day out!

Here are some of the creatures we saw:

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