Aug. 12, 2012

Meteor Shower..

We have just come in from an hour on the back deck, sitting and enjoying the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Abigail came out with me at first and we weren't quite sure where to look - but then a streak across the sky soon let us know!!!  We called the others and soon we were all sat out there, cuddled up in blankets, watching what looked like shooting stars :)  Some were bright and bold, others were very faint and super fast.  We would all oooh and ahhh like we were watching fireworks - or yell 'I saw one' and 'did you see that one'?  :)

I thought they would be just in one area and going in the same direction, but they weren't - they were all over the place!  some low in the sky and some really high.

The Milky Way was also really clear to see tonight and was running north to south, directly above us!

Totally appreciated living in such a rural place today!  Hoping for a clear night tomorrow night to see more!!

Get outside and watch - it's amazing!  Sam told me he really loved seeing them and was excited because he had never seen anything like it before :)

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