Apr. 27, 2012

Great article on 'Enough'...


Part 2 of the question is related to worth.. It sounds like you have a big part of your worth tied up into what you do, what you provide on a monetary level and that you are feeling like you are not enough. The word “diminished” was used and  that is a really powerful and telling word about what you are feeling.

-Think of the things you provide to those around you that have nothing to do with money. You can even if you feel comfortable ( or even slightly uncomfortable) ask some of those around you, close to you, what ways you bring value as YOU to their lives.

Some pictures/ ideas and yumminess that caught my eye online this week!

Friday fill-ins

And...here we go!

1. Ah, me...so lucky to be me.  So grateful for all I have and for my amazing children. Despite everything, I wouldn't swap places with anyone else - my life is always a fun and crazy adventure and NEVER dull :)  
2. Astrology is what's on my mind most lately.
3. When I talk to my best friend, I seem to spend the whole time laughing.
4. Going with the flow and enjoying the ride is what's working for me lately.
5. I recently saw a video by Effy that really made a difference to me and my life.
6. Teaching the fun of art to people fills me with joy!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to starting my new book and watching a movie with my kids, tomorrow my plans include possibly going to the Strathcona Farmers Market....or seeing what else the children feel like doing or if it's raining then just chilling at home and Sunday, I want to check the weather and maybe take Rosie to Elk Island!

Friday at last!!! :)

It rained most of yesterday and well in to the evening, but this morning when I switched on to Instagram I saw photographs friends had posted of SNOW - and I knew without looking out of the window that we had woken to a winter wonderland yet AGAIN!!!  It was quite funny really as I heard Abby wake up, so I crept out and watched her go downstairs and then saw her face as she saw the snow through the window - she couldn't BELIEVE it!!!  hahaha!!  And then when Sam woke up I told him to look out of the window and he just started laughing at the craziness of it!!  At the weekend we were in shorts at 25c and got sunburned, and today we woke up to snow!

It didn't last long though and by the afternoon it had turned to rain and all the snow has now disappeared thankfully!  
There was no school today, so Susannah had a long sleep in.  I did some art journaling and pottering about....Sam and Abby played with the Lego amongst other things - oh and they are all rewatching all the episodes of Greys Anatomy!  Abigail is thinking about being a Doctor now - although says some parts are 'yucky' (but sees nothing wrong with putting her arm up a cows butt if she is a vet)!!

Rosie is so very cuddly at the moment and loves having us at home - snuggles up on the sofa with us or on the bed and just wants to be close to us.

Sam made me a heart out of Lego to keep on my shelf:

This afternoon we had to run out to get a few things - including a new one of these toilet unplugger thingies - they are soooo GOOD!  I still can't believe we faffed around with that stupid snake thing for so many years with the hassle and mess it causes - when this thing works first time with just one little push!  

Grocery store for milk, bread etc etc:

Then home for our rainy day craft which the kids LOVED!!!

Laundry, clean bathrooms, reading....and thats about it for my Friday.  It is cold and miserable out and I really don't feel like going out or doing anything tonight, so I am staying home by the fire.

No clue what we are doing tomorrow or Sunday - maybe the kids will want to go to the Farmers Market again....they love it there.  If the weather dries up at all I think we will wear our welly boots and take Rosie out to Elk Island Park for a walk and some puddle jumping for Sam.  

We've also got Back to the Future 2 and 3 to watch.  

Our Thursday....

Today we went to see Susannah perform in her schools talent show.  She did amazingly well and performed The Band Perry's song 'If I Die Young'.  She played guitar and sang all by herself.  I recorded it so hopefully will be able to upload it somehow either here or on Facebook.
So proud of her :)

All the students in the show did great - I think they are amazingly brave to even just get up in front of everyone, so well done to all of them!!

After the show we had to head in to town to get a few supplies for a craft the kids want to do.  Abigail makes me laugh now because every time I come up with an idea for something to do - or surprise them with a new activity, she will say 'Pinterest'?????  Hahahaha
As if it is the only place I EVER get ideas now - lol!!  Well, ok, MOST of the great ideas I get now ARE from Pinterest, but that isn't the point :)

Anyway we went to get salt and chalk for a craft we are doing tomorrow - and we stopped off on the way to get Sam his favourite soup.  He hasn't eaten much this week as he hasn't felt too well - so I promised him his chicken noodle soup!

Sam wanted me to instagram his donut - it was very pretty but soooo BRIGHT!!

At the store I finally found one of the gorgeous big wooden windmill's that I have wanted for so long!  I think they are gorgeous and wanted one to brighten up the crate on the back deck while there are no flowers.  It was the last one there, but I grabbed it and for $2. was very very happy :)

I LOVE it :) 

Right now it is raining and TOO windy outside - and more like October, so I have the windmill sat in the corner of my bedroom.  Its so cheery and summery :)  Love love LOVE!!!  :)  Sam carried it back to the car and was soooo HAPPY - he got so excited with how it was spinning round in the wind as he walked!!  :)  

Tonight was date night.  Sam and Abby went to their Dads, Susie spent the evening curled up with Rosie watching Greys Anatomy episodes on dvd.  I went out for my date - and had a fabulous time :)  
I was home about the same time as the children were though - and we then all curled up on my bed and watched Back to the Future - we were going to watch it earlier this week but people weren't well - so tonight was the night!  They all enjoyed it and so tomorrow we will move on to Back to the Future 2 :)

No school tomorrow.  Laurence is at the twins tonights and is working tomorrow and all weekend too.    No clue what we will do yet - it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow and be cold.  We shall see.....


Wow....so meaningful to me right now.

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