Dec. 12, 2012


Crazy busy day - from getting Susannah to her bus by 7:30 to getting the car in to the dealership for it's service at 8am.....sitting in McD's for two hours while it was being done....then the library....finally home.  Walking Rosie, baking, making supper.  getting Susie from the bus....clearing the driveway...

Abigail has decided to create a blog for her cooking and baking.  She is basing it loosely around 'Julie and Julia' and plans to cook things on a regular basis and photograph/ blog her recipes and experiences.    Yesterday she was working on picking a blog name, creating the blog and deciding on some recipes to try first!  

Christmas Crack - a yummy recipe!!  We tried this at Trish's house a few weeks ago - Joanne made it!  And it was sooooo yummy, so we made some too!!

Ever since I was sick last week, all I have felt like eating is raw veggies or Kraft dinner!! 
So strange!!

This was Abigails pile of books from the library yesterday:

I had enough points on my customer card yesterday to get the game I wanted for FREE: 

Breakfast at McD's yesterday while we waited for the car service to be done:

Abigail worked ona  colouring contest in the local paper yesterday:

Sammy's straw fort:

Spin the Dreidel...

Every year we play the Jewish/ Hannukah game of Spin The Dreidel.  
I stock up on 'gelt' (Chocolate coins in foil) and the kids LOVE playing this game and then eating their winnings :)  
I love that we have incorporated this into our holiday traditions each year :)  

There are many websites with instructions on how to play, but this one seems quite a sweet version:

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