May 10, 2012

Our Thursday evening....

On the way home tonight the sunset was glorious, so we turned down one of the range roads and stopped to take pictures by the lake:

Susannah's friend came with us to the play and is sleeping over as there is no school tomorrow.  They played guitar and practiced singing for part of the evening and came in to show me how well they had done.  Sam danced in the background and Susie sat and played guitar and sang beautifully:

I tried the techniques I learned in the Doodling class on a heart, but found the centre got all tiny and messy and oddly shaped - so I have asked Sandi, the teacher, for some tips:

Abigail also doodled a heart.  She is enjoying the class and likes seeing everyones comments on her work:

Peter Pan!!

Tonight we went in to Edmonton to see my friend Sharons Daughter perform as Wendy in her schools production of Peter Pan!!  It was such a wonderful play - 8 months of rehearsing!!  S did fabulously!!  Sam left us and went and found himself a front row seat - I thought that was so funny - but he was good as gold and sat and enjoyed the whole thing.  He enjoyed telling me about it and his favourite parts afterwards - so I know he paid attention the whole way through :)

In the intermission we were all given desserts - yummy!  Sam and Abby had two plates each....sigh...but thankfully there seemed to be plenty :)  

Thank you Sharon (and S) for a wonderful evening!!

I won a place in Sandi's fabulous new art class 'I Doodle - Do You' which you can read about by CLICKING HERE  and it started today on Sandi's birthday (Happy Birthday Sandi).

It is a mosaic style of doodling and today for the first lesson we were taught how to do the 'Little Sun'.

Abigail is joining in with me on this class.  Here she is working on her sun:

Abby finishing the sun rays:

Abigails first doodle finished:

My work in progress:

With the rays doodled in:

And all finished:

It's a lovely class and so fun to watch the videos - Sandi just makes me smile and this was a great way to start my day!  In fact most of out day was filled with this - which was fine as outside it is cold and snowy and grey and VERY windy!  Perfect day to stay curled up and creating!!

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