Dec. 9, 2012

For Today....

Outside My Window... It is dark but I believe it is snowing - it started to snow when we were out for a walk with Rosie earlier, and Laurence said it was still snowing when he got home from work a little while ago.

I am thinking...I should check my diary for events this week as I keep forgetting about things we have planned!

I am thankful for...a lovely quiet and relaxing weekend.  Some fun times out and some relaxing times at home.  The perfect mix :)

From the kitchen...lots of cooking and baking - some with Christmas in mind, some just warming foods for cold days - and lots of raw vegetables and fruit!

I am nighty as I am sat up in bed typing.

I am creating...Christmas memories.  A homely and comfortable atmosphere in this new house.  A new routine for us all.

I am try and carve out some time at home this week - despite the busy days because of Christmas events.  I really feel the need to spend time at home.
I am reading...'Overcoming Dyslexia' - which includes new ideas for teaching reading, spelling and writing to people with dyslexia.

I am hoping...the weather is warm on Tuesday so that we can FINALLY make it to see the Christmas Train - after 10 years of being here!!  It is always so bitterly cold on the day it comes through - so I am happy that the forecast so far is ABOVE average :)

I am hearing... Sam chattering on about his Star Wars Lego book!  He doesn't stop talking about it :)

Around the house...all the Christmas decorations are up.  It is lovely and I'm so happy I bothered - I wasn't going to put much up this year, mainly because I was sick of unpacking and packing because of the house move - but once I put a few things up, I knew I really wanted to decorate properly - the kids deserve to have a festive home for the holidays :)

One of my favorite things...curling up to watch Christmas movies with the kids.  They get so excited and so in to them :)  Also watching them open up the Advent Calendar to read the activity for the day :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...French class, library, Royal Order Christmas Party/ sledding party.  Christmas Train, sleigh ride....

swirls with sharpies :)

Playing in my art journal this weekend:

Scenes from walking Rosie...

It has been very cold here the last few days, but still, evening walks with Rosie are always so nice :)  Now I have decent winter boots and am kitted out with proper winter clothing, it is lovely to get outside for a walk in the fresh air.  Susannah and I normally go together and she enjoys looking in the windows of all the houses at the Christmas decorations (and generally being nosy lol) while I love taking pictures of all the snow :)  

Abigails art work :)

Abigail has signs all over her bedroom at the moment:

And this is the giant 'Get Well Soon' card that she made me last week 
when I was sick for four days.  It is fabulous - she even got the clothes right :)  

My girls :)

Frosty morning...

Moi!!! :)

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