May 28, 2012

Snapshots from the last few days.......

Gumballs at Marble slab yesterday:

Cute little guy at the park today:

Beautiful blossoms:

Sam enjoying our walk in the woods on Friday:

Abby balancing over water:

Sammy smelling the blossoms at the park today:

Self portrait taken with my phone lol:

Sunsetting above a pond, with the Edmonton city skyline behind it:

Sam made this out of Lego for me last week - it says Mom with a heart on top:

Bought myself some summery jewelry on Sunday including an ankle bracelet and this ring:

My typical bedtime routine.  Rosie curled up asleep, my art journal and some Facebook time:

Love this picture of Abby and Sam holding hands on the swing at the fair:

Vodka soaked Gummibears.  Make them the day before and they are really yummy as they lose the flavour of the vodka and start tasting like gummibears again:

Home :)

The weather has been so gorgeous lately - Summer is truly here and I am determined to make the most of it!!  I am enjoying the deck and porch so very much and am going to get a new tank of propane this weekend for the bbq!!  

Adding on the wrap-around deck really was well worth doing - I love it soooo much!  There is always somewhere in the sunshine to sit - or somewhere in the shade to enjoy - and somewhere sheltered to enjoy the rain on a Summer evening too :)  I can sit and watch the birds or Rosie in the pond - or the children playing or riding their bikes!  

This may or may not be my last Summer here - but either way, I will enjoy every moment and create memories to last a lifetime :)  

The apple tree is in full bloom right now:

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