Sep. 10, 2012


10 things....

I am currently taking part in Shimelles class 'Learn Something New Every Day', and todays prompt was to write 'Ten on the Tenth' - a list of ten things I have learned from........(fill in the blank)

So, here is my list:

Ten Things I have learned from my marriage break-up:

1.  Everything that happens teaches us valuable lessons.

2.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  And boy I am soooo much stronger now :)

3.  I actually LIKE being single - I think I actually prefer it.

4.  That I'm a great driver and really LOVE driving.

5.  That I'm a great Mom now that I can parent the way I WANT to parent rather than trying to please someone else. No longer having to keep the kids silent after 10pm.  Having to tell them off for playing or laughing in case it bothered 'someone'.  Knowing they can have friends stay over any time :)  Can relax with their feet up in their own home...


7.  I have some AMAZING friends :)

8.  I am MORE than capable of making decisions, choices, and doing pretty much anything - or getting someone who can help....

9.  I love art and am actually good at it - and I would have never discovered that if my marriage didn't break up!

10.    I have learned what REAL love is :)

For today....

Outside my window...It is grey, dull, windy, rainy and COLD!!!  Only 8c which is such a crazy difference from the 27c yesterday!!

I am thinking...of all kinds of interesting places to go on field trips.

I am thankful...for my amazing group of friends who make life fabulous :)

In the kitchen...baked potatoes are cooking in the oven ready for supper.  The crock pot has been back in use in the last week too.

I am jeans, rust coloured long sleeved T and a knitted shawl style sweater.

I am creating...a face a day for September, a 'Learn Something New Every Day' album to follow along with Shimelles class, a fabulous and fun Semester for the kids.

I am pick up a load of boxes from my friends house tomorrow night, that she saved for me from her house move.

I am wondering...what the weather will be like for the rest of the week as we have several plans that involve being outdoors.

I am reading...with Sam, reading with Sam AND Abby, and reading a book just for me - mainly in the evenings in the bath - which is how I switch off :)

I am hoping...we have a mild winter again.

I am looking forward to...climbing into a hot bath after supper.

I am different it is to write for young adults as opposed to adults.

Around the house...slowly getting back into a routine after the Summer - and having a de-clutter ready for the curriculum swap on Thursday.

I am pondering...why people do the things they do...

A favorite quote for today...Life is good :)

One of my favorite things...Fall boots, sweaters and socks :)  

A few plans for the rest of the week:  skateboard park with friends tomorrow.  Curriculum sale and swap on Thursday.  Whyte Ave carnival on Sunday.....not sure what else....

A peek into my day...

Me in my Daughters dirty mirror and messy bedroom :)  
Dressed for Fall today as it was cold and horrid out!

Random snapshots from the last few days....

This is a statue in Jason's garden - he photographed it, and I edited it:

Susannah playing guitar to me:

Rosie hot and tired after a walk:

My beautiful boy:

Laurences first time driving to school on Friday:

Building boats and quadbikes with Lego:

My girly snoring last night:

Sam with his new marshmallow gun:

Tired girly who was refusing to sit down lol:

Sunday happenings....

We took Rosie to Broadmoor Lake yesterday, for a walk around the lakes and then to hang out by the playground while Sam and Abby played.  

The ice cream truck came by and so Abby ran off to get us each one.

Then after a nice afternoon in the sunshine, we headed home for a yummy barbecue!!

Abigail made a yummy salad with avocado, radishes, lettuce, carrots etc, 
and I grilled vegetables and mushrooms:

Won't be eating outside for much longer...sadly:

Art time....

The results of our tie-dye session last week:

Some of their faces for the '29 Faces in September' challenge:

At the skateboard park.....

Now that school is back in session, the parks and playgrounds are OURS again :)  
We have been making the most of this and have been meeting up with friends at the skateboard park!  It has become a regular event!  
We take bikes, scooters, skateboards etc and the children can have a blast there - we also take blankets and chairs, and lots of games and crafts for those who don't want to be so active!!  And of course we take snacks to share :)  

The kids LOVE it and want to go back as soon as we leave :)  Laurence even joined us for the first session last week :)  

Bracelet and jewelry making:

A VERY intense game of 'Spot It'.  This was hilarious:

Another beading session:

Yes, there is a child in that blanker lol:

Trish brought the BEST gift for each of us - chocolate :)

This is how women react to chocolatey gifts:

Our Monday....

This morning we did our faces/ portraits for the 29 Faces in September challenge.
I spent much of the morning organizing field trips.  

Then at 1pm Abigail had to be at her new French class!!  She was very excited and ended up having a fabulous time - she can't wait for next weeks class :)

While Abby was in class, Sam and I filled the truck up with gas, washed it and then headed to Timmy's where we had a meeting with the childrens homeschool facilitator.  
That went well, and the education plans were all signed for the year.  Our facilitator is so helpful and supportive - she gave me several good ideas for field trips to add to my list too :)  

After the meeting we had just under an hour left before collecting Abigail.  As it was pouring with rain we didn't follow through with our original plans, and instead headed to Goodwill.  The kids love it there so much :)  Sam found a brand new, still sealed marshmallow gun!!  He also found a big bag of toy soldiers :)  

I found a pretty glass pumpkin - but it wasn't until I got it home to wash it, that I realized it's a tealight holder :)  So lovely :)  

It is 8c outside today - so different from yesterdays 27c!!!  Wow!  
Abigail is now reading in the bath, Sam is shooting marshmallows all over the house, Susannah is watching Fame, and Laurence is at work.  

I have some work to get done....

One happy boy :)

This is Laurence with 'Vanessa' :)  Yes, he finally bought a car and I think he got an AMAZING deal!  He LOVES her :)  A Ford Taurus 1999.  Immaculate condition inside and out.  

He can now get himself to and from work - to and from soccer or volleyball and to and from school :)  His busing for the year was $350 so we decided to cancel that and put the money towards his car instead.  

It has changed our lives already - he even picked his best friends up from school and drove them home on Friday - that kind of makes me sad as they have all grown up soooo fast :(  It is going to be so strange to not be picking him up from his friends house any more - and yesterday he came home at like 10am - very weird having him show up without me picking him up :)

He is a very mature and responsible driver though and I am very proud!  He bought the car on Wednesday and on Thursday we got the insurance and registration etc done - and then we headed over to collect the car :)  I've added him to my AMA too so he is all set JUST in case anything happens :)  

Sherwood Park Appetite...

After Kaleidofest, we headed in to Sherwood Park, stopped off at the library for a few things, and then walked over to the old high school grounds for this years 'Sherwood park Appetite' food festival.  

It is exactly like A Taste of Edmonton, but is a smaller version as it is so new.  It started last year.
There was a kids activity area, lots of local restaurants and a stage for singers, comedians etc etc.

A few other local businesses had tables there promoting themselves.  

Abigail tried the fish and chips from Oscars pub - as I have raved about their chips lol - she really liked them!  I had the Halibut bites which were really yummy!  Susannah had green onion cakes but wasn't keen.  We all had Italian Soda's from Second Cup :)

We ran in to several friends there - and Sam was thrilled to see his friends J and A.  It was so funny watching the three of them chatting and sharing candy floss - and then they went into the bouncy boxing ring and got to punch each other with giant boxing gloves!

So funny :)  

The duelling pianos from Overtime performed around 5pm and we stayed for a few of their songs - I love seeing them on Friday nights!  It was great for Susannah to finally get to see them :)  

After that it was definitely time to head home - where we curled up on my bed and watched a Zac Efron movie about a horse :)  

Such a great fun-packed day :)  

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