Sep. 10, 2012

At the skateboard park.....

Now that school is back in session, the parks and playgrounds are OURS again :)  
We have been making the most of this and have been meeting up with friends at the skateboard park!  It has become a regular event!  
We take bikes, scooters, skateboards etc and the children can have a blast there - we also take blankets and chairs, and lots of games and crafts for those who don't want to be so active!!  And of course we take snacks to share :)  

The kids LOVE it and want to go back as soon as we leave :)  Laurence even joined us for the first session last week :)  

Bracelet and jewelry making:

A VERY intense game of 'Spot It'.  This was hilarious:

Another beading session:

Yes, there is a child in that blanker lol:

Trish brought the BEST gift for each of us - chocolate :)

This is how women react to chocolatey gifts:

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