Sep. 10, 2012

One happy boy :)

This is Laurence with 'Vanessa' :)  Yes, he finally bought a car and I think he got an AMAZING deal!  He LOVES her :)  A Ford Taurus 1999.  Immaculate condition inside and out.  

He can now get himself to and from work - to and from soccer or volleyball and to and from school :)  His busing for the year was $350 so we decided to cancel that and put the money towards his car instead.  

It has changed our lives already - he even picked his best friends up from school and drove them home on Friday - that kind of makes me sad as they have all grown up soooo fast :(  It is going to be so strange to not be picking him up from his friends house any more - and yesterday he came home at like 10am - very weird having him show up without me picking him up :)

He is a very mature and responsible driver though and I am very proud!  He bought the car on Wednesday and on Thursday we got the insurance and registration etc done - and then we headed over to collect the car :)  I've added him to my AMA too so he is all set JUST in case anything happens :)  

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