Sep. 10, 2012

Our Monday....

This morning we did our faces/ portraits for the 29 Faces in September challenge.
I spent much of the morning organizing field trips.  

Then at 1pm Abigail had to be at her new French class!!  She was very excited and ended up having a fabulous time - she can't wait for next weeks class :)

While Abby was in class, Sam and I filled the truck up with gas, washed it and then headed to Timmy's where we had a meeting with the childrens homeschool facilitator.  
That went well, and the education plans were all signed for the year.  Our facilitator is so helpful and supportive - she gave me several good ideas for field trips to add to my list too :)  

After the meeting we had just under an hour left before collecting Abigail.  As it was pouring with rain we didn't follow through with our original plans, and instead headed to Goodwill.  The kids love it there so much :)  Sam found a brand new, still sealed marshmallow gun!!  He also found a big bag of toy soldiers :)  

I found a pretty glass pumpkin - but it wasn't until I got it home to wash it, that I realized it's a tealight holder :)  So lovely :)  

It is 8c outside today - so different from yesterdays 27c!!!  Wow!  
Abigail is now reading in the bath, Sam is shooting marshmallows all over the house, Susannah is watching Fame, and Laurence is at work.  

I have some work to get done....

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