Sep. 5, 2012

time to get caught up :)

I am soooo behind in blogging. We had a lovely weekend away for Labour day weekend.  I booked and paid for it way back in the Summer, and though I was tempted to cancel the trip for various reasons, I figured it was non-refundable (being a Long Weekend) and it wasn't far!  So we headed back to Drumheller for a weekend of camping with friends.

I am so sooooo happy we went - for a start, the weather in Edmonton was cold and wet and horrible - while Drumheller was 28, 26 and 23c Fri, Sat and Sun :)

What was even better though, was the joy that came from seeing my children having soooo much freedom.  The campground just has that amazing safe feeling - cars can't go more than 8km an hour and it's all one way - the whole campground is filled with families - everyone is friendly...

Sam made friends with a big group of kids, who he played soccer with for hours - and they would head off on their scooters and whatever.  We took some dollar store toys, foam planes, games and glow sticks, and they all shared them out.  He was invited to one friends trailer for the evening for a campfire and smores - and the next morning they took him to the pancake breakfast!

At about 10pm one evening I was walking by his friends trailer to the washroom and saw Sam and his friends chatting away around the camp fire :)

It gave Sam such a wonderful feeling of independence and being grown up :)

Susannah and Abigail met up with friends there and were off playing and chatting with friends until late.  A group of teens and preteens.  They all went to Bingo too - and Abby and Sam enjoyed the pool several times.  Sam liked having change to take to the arcade and use - turns out he's pretty awesome at pinball :)

Since we got back, life has been busy with 'back to school' and 'not back to school' things.

The next few posts will be a catch up :)
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