Mar. 29, 2013

Book club!!!! :)

This week we had our first cook club meeting.  We met up at Cobblestones - which is the restaurant that Laurence works in.  We enjoyed it so much that we have already booked to go back there for next months meeting!  There are ten of us in the book club but only 8 of us could make it to the meeting - it still ended up being a great evening though.  We made a lot of decisions about how we want to run the group and we reserved a book for next month.  We discussed this months book which was 'The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared'.

There were mixed reviews - I really enjoyed most of it - not a favourite, but very clever and will make a great movie!  Reminded me very much of Forest Gump.  

All in all a great evening and I can't WAIT for next month!  I'm not actually reading this months choice, but can't wait to get stuck in to the next one!!

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