Nov. 7, 2012

Random pics from the last few days...

Abby was finally able to remove her earrings and she wore dangly ones for a few hours as a treat :)

On Monday while Abigail was at French class, I used up a coupon and went to Lets Play:

Sam has been using our little magnetic drawing board soooo much over the last week:

On Saturday we went to get pizza and we were able to watch Laurence at work - he is soooo good at the slap table or whatever it is called - making the dough and flinging it around then getting it to the right size on the tray.  We got pizza for everyone who helped us move - I have some AMAZING friends who I am soooo utterly grateful for :)  They were incredible at the weekend and I really am so fortunate to have them :)  Even the children kept saying 'you have some really GREAT friends' :)  

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